MAC Prep And Prime Face Protect SPF 50 Reviews


MAC Prep & Prime Face Protect 

A few months back I was invited to my cousins wedding in Mangalore. The invitation stated that the wedding ceremony was to be immediately followed by a reception party

This was easily going to be a 6-7 hour’s affair, in the hot and humid weather of Mangalore! Meaning an amateur makeup users worst nightmare come true.

I started making my war strategies, and the top weapon in mind was a primer!

So I went hunting for a primer, and ran into this one

MAC prep+ prime Face Protect SPF 50

MAC Prep and prime face protect protection visage SPF 50 reviews+Mac Face and prime

  • Price: Rs.1600
  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Packaging: comes in matt black tube
  • Product claim: To even out skin tone and provide protection under the sun, wear under foundation as a base.

My experience with MAC Prep And Prime Face Protect SPF 50

First of all, little goes a long way with this product, I use a pea sized amount for my entire face, if I use a tad bit more of this, it leaves a whitish cast on my face. The consistency of this primer is soft, but not very lotion like, so even though application is easy it takes a little time to blend into my skin. It’s best if you use this with a good moisturizer beneath it

After application my skin feels smooth and completely mattified, I have used this for my under eye area and it visibly makes the skin in this area look tight and perky!

After using this primer my (liquid) foundation literally glides on, as if I was painting on a canvas. Also the after effect is brilliant, my makeup looks airbrushed!

 MAC Prep &  Prime Face Protect

My foundation doesn’t settle in any nook or crease on my face.

But, the best part of this primer is its holding strength, wear this and double dare your makeup to move! It just won’t budge.

At  the wedding my face remained matt through out the day, my foundation didn’t melt , nor did my concealer crease one bit in the blistering heat ,I didn’t even blot my face once as there was no need for it.

Also the SPF 50 does not make my face ghostly in photographs.

I have used this primer on and off for 6 months now, there is still quite some left in it

However you need to use a good makeup remover (the ones you use for waterproof makeup) to remove all traces of it from your skin

MAC Prep and prime face SPF 50 REVIEWS

What I liked about MAC Prep + Prime:

  • It gives longevity to my makeup
  • Love the airbrushed look post its use
  • Prevents any shiny ness
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • High SPF content makes it apt for the outdoors

What I didn’t like about MAC Prep + Prime:

  • Needs a little extra time to blend

Ratings –  4/5

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  1. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: nice review vini m gonna surely get dis when i will go for my vacation :yippee: it doesnt make ur skin oily na ?:-)

    • okey dokey will surely get den…… my day was pretty boring..hw abt urs? :-)) hey ana ask ur hubby does he knw any1 called victor das in his offc 😀

  2. ITs a lovely product and the sunscreen is hardly visible. Only the thing is I always felt that it looked a bit ghostly on flash especially with a heavy foundation on and it does have some shimmery element. Any day its better than most of the ridiculous primers out there. Btw Oriflame’s Face Primer is a steal and next best if anyone wants to be on a budget (plus its good for eyes too as shadow cling better to that liquidy formula).

  3. i want a primer since long, bt whenvr i am about to buy one, i will be in two minds.. and since MAC is not available online i nevr came across this one.. :-(( …
    but MAC USA site has this and they have online shop :dazed: … one more reason to hate US 😛

  4. Hi Ana,
    Oriflame has a face primer priced between 250 and 300. . i thnk Dr. Neeraj is talking about that one.. Earlier it was availble in
    nw itsn’t … i should have purchased it then itself.. :ghost:


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