MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review


When I had first met Zee and Parul in MAC Store, I tried the Matchmaster foundation. I was keenly observing the steps performed by the MUA and the products used by him. He used this Prep+Prime finishing powder on me. This powder was launched with MAC Prep+Prime collection.

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ mac cosmetics
There is a loose finishing powder too but this is in Pressed powder form.
I loved the way this powder set my foundation without taking the freshness and dewiness away. I have always abhorred overly matte finish, it sets the makeup and becomes an invisible veil.
At first glance, it looks strange as I had never thought a white powder would be able to act as a finishing powder without leaving a ghosty white cast on my face. But it goes on invisibly on the skin. You would see the difference, but not chalkiness.

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ finishing powder
Price: 1450 INR (the cost does saddens me and makes me want a triple hike in my salary!)
I really like this finishing powder a lot. Even though, it is in pressed form, it gives a beautiful airbrushed finish. This is a huge investment for me but I am OK as only a little quantity is required and I adore the finish it provides.

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ mac finishing powderI would not say that this is a must-have. I bought it because it caters to my needs but we do have cheaper alternatives available so I would suggest check them out too before shelling a good amount on this.

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ prep n prime swatch
What I love about the  MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder:

• Nice packaging
• One shade suits all, no heartaches of buying the wrong shade
• Only a little quantity is required
• Gives a nice Dewy finish
• Sturdy packaging
• Sets the foundation/ concealer quite well

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ mac prep and prime powder
What Idon’t like about the  MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder:

• Pricey
• Gals who like matte finish may not like it or end up using it a bit too much

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ prep n prime powder swatchAs I already said, it is too pricey but if you are looking for the qualities mentioned above, you can give it a try!
Will I repurchase: I am eyeing the Clinique one next! Just because I like trying new brands otherwise its perfect for me.


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  1. Wow! Tis really works? M super impressed..when I saw this at d store I was a bit puzzled by it but it’s really cool!

  2. mmmm we students 🙁 who survive on pocket money can’t even think of MAC stuff .. have to cut down all other expenses for the whole month for eyeing on something MAC :'( soo sad..


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