MAC Pro Blush in Salsa Rose Review & Swatches



This post is dedicated to Shweta…Y you ask? Coz this is what she sent me as my Mommy Gift!! 🙂  Yeps..while I got tons of gifts for my baby, Shwe knowing I’m a blush-o-holic, sent me this MAC blush called Salsa Rose :).. Thanks a ton babe! Thanks to you, I have a new, sizzling shade in my collection now..


MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac salsa rose


  • Packaging: Apparently, Pro shades only come in refills instead of full pans. These do fit into regular MAC blush palette as well though since they are the same size.
  • Color: MAC describes it as lightly iridescent coral in a satin finish. However, I find it to be an out n out raspberry shade.



MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac cosmetiocs


  • Price: INR 1150
  • Pigmentation: One word.. ‘INTENSE’ . If any of you have swatched MAC Frankly scarlett, then you’d understand what I mean by this. One dip or swipe brings out enough product to apply on both cheeks and then some.


MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac+ pink blush


  • Staying Power: This stays forever n ever n ever…I actually need a makeup remover to banish all signs of this.


MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac blush review


I love this shade. Since Dec/Jan I have been obsessing over raspberry shades and this is one of the best I have come across till date. In fact, this was the blush I wore on my first outing post-Pravi ( my life has been split into 2 parts..pre-Pravi n post-Pravi) and it made me feel rejuvenated and super-sexy!!

As I mentioned above, this has a superb staying power which I guess is the USP of all Pro blushes. The intensity may wear off a tiny bit, but the raspberry tint stays on till you remove it. Also, it’s a satin finish blush so it doesn’t have any shimmer which makes it a wearable shade during the day as well.


MAC Pro Blush in Salsa Rose Swatches:-

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac+mac salsa rose swatches

I love this blush like crazy and have even worn it while sitting at home all day just for the heck of it 😉 other than the fact that it isn’t available anywhere other than a MAC Pro Store, I find absolutely no downside to this formula.MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac salsa rose swatch

Here’s how it looks on me… I’ve used it lightly so as to look glowy and natural instead of OTT 😉

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac fotd

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+fotd

Have you tried any Pro blushes? What has your experience been?

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Gorgeous color Zara! I thought it would be a bit ott after seeing the swatch , but after seeing it on your face love it!

  2. Shweta, so nice of u yaa.
    N Zara, u look more pretty post-pravi.
    This shade is dark, n i may end up looking like a joker , but u carry such shades so perfectly.

  3. goodness me – you are flawless ^_^ Seems like will last really long on bare skin. This is really funny , I actually prefer the tints of shades more than the actual shades , in case of both lippies and blushes .hehe 😛

  4. gorgeous shade.. such a my kind of color 😉 … n u have used it so appropriately zara.. loved it on u.. i think thts the right pigmentation for it :))


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