MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb Review, Swatches & FOTD


MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb

Here’s another blush from the Pro line and after buying a sober shade like MAC Cantaloupe, this one sure does pack a wallop! I had a red blush phase and a pink phase and then a purple phase too…basically i have this greed to have all blush shades in existence… I happened to see this online on some foreign blogs and loved how unique and challenging it looked….so how could I resist!

MAC Pro Blush Rhubarb

MAC pro blushes come only in a refill form which is gr8 but also a pain if you have a storage issue. I wish their empty palettes were cheaper but alas!

Price: INR 1150

Color: MAC describes this shade as a bright magenta and that is exactly what it is.. a deep fuschia with an undertkne which screams BLUE! It can be applied light or deeply as desired.

MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb

Texture: This blush has a Satin finish and is very easy to blend. I prefer such finishes over matte because for some reason after a while, matte shades tend to make my skin look dry. Satin finishes add that nice sheen sans any shimmer or glitter.

MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb

Pigmentation: Crazy is the word for it. Its soo pigmented that one swipe is enough for both cheeks. I had a clowny experience when I forst got MAC Salsa Rose so i was prepared this time round and used only a tiny bit.

Staying power: This stays on me all day. And by all day I mean about 10hrs which is the max ive worn this for. Last weekend i applied this and went out at 10am a d it was still there on my cheeks albeit a tad bit faded when i returned at 8.30 or so.

MAC Rhubarb Pro Blush

MAC Rhubarb swatch

Who should buy this?
1. Those with deeper skintones. Those who are NC40 and above would love this one!
2. Those who hav a practised hand with blushes. If i were an amateur, i’d have easily applied too much and gone out looking like a clown. The trick is to apply the tiniest bit and blend.

What I like about MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb:

  • An unusual shade
  • Would suit all ski tones depending on how its worn
  • Superb staying power
  • Very good pigmentation a and easy to blend
  • Cheaper than normal MAC blushes and better in terms of quality.

What I don’t like about MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb:

  • Easy to go overboard with this if ur an amateur
  • Tough to get your hands on this since its a pro product.


MAC Blush Rhubarb FOTD


Final Verdict: Like i mentioned initially, I wanted this shade for how challenging it looked. Everyone tends to deem such shades best for deeper skintones and I so wanted to shooo such comments. I think this kinda shade would suit everyone..the art is in the application and once you have that down pat then you’ll realise what an amazing shade this is!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb ?

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  1. Lovely color Zee, and you look beautiful as always…. missed your writing… in fact checking your review after such a long time 🙁

    Hey A, good morning 🙂


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