MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation Review


MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 

Have you been waiting for a foundation that stays true through all the ventures that you have in a day or at an occasion?

Have you been embarrassed seeing streaks and lines on your face when sweating?

MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 is an answer to some of the unsolved questions we have. I always had a perception that MAC foundations are very true in front of cameras and ladies complaining that the foundations go ‘cakey’. But my perception changed and now I staunchly believe that ‘cakey’ foundation is our mistake and we must not blame the innocent formulation. So in the advent of finding the right foundation (for my blog and professional work) I tried a few foundations and this was the perfect hit.

MAC prolong wear+MAC Prolong wear foundation SPF 10 Review+MAC foundations

What I look for in a foundation, ideally?

  • It has to be oil-free
  • Should dry in powder form without using too much powder to set it. This is that crucial step that makes foundations go cakey.
  • Should have good oil absorbing properties.
  • Should dry a bit faster. This is my preference as a pro and it may not be yours as drying faster decreases the playtime and blendability.
  • It should be a versatile formula that is buildable, non acnegenic, breathable and can be applied by fingers, sponges and foundation brush alike.

What has MAC to say about MAC Prolong Wear SPF

MAC foundation prolong wear+MAC prolong wear foundation +Foundation reviews

‘ A long wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless. Provides SPF protection.’

What I have to say,

  • PACKAGING - A sturdy glass bottle that comes with a pump of its own (looks like Fix+) is a perfect combination and a dream come true for all who bought that extra pump with Studio fix fluid. Its transparent and enable user to see how much formula is left in it. The outer packaging is matte jet black with imprints in white for short description and ingredients.
  • FORMULA –Its quite a liquid and fast drying one. Its thinner than Studio fix fluid, Clinique Superbalanced Makeup or Bourjois Healthy mix foundation but can be thinner than MAC Face and Body or Clinique Superfit makeup. It slips quite well to give a play time upto 30 seconds to a minute to dry up.
  •  Coverage is moderate and buildable. It does not dry completely matte on the face and there is a subtle sheen to it which is quite noticeable even after half an hour of not dusting powder. It does make your skin glow.
  • The texture is incredible and really lasts for 10+ hours ( I secretly wore it to work to see the wear and tear). The SPF 10 is better and micronized it seems as it does not impart a white cast in photographs taken with strong flashes provides the color is matched rightly. I prefer half a shade darker as this foundation did not oxidize on me.

Its ideal for combination and oily skins and drier skins may look for other options. if you have a dry skin, a heavy moisturizer can do the trick to get that lit-from-within glow which could be a menace to oily skins. It doesn’t matter whether a face primer is used underneath or not as the foundation looks and feels the same. I tried it on Smashbox Photofinish Light primer on one side and not on other and the foundation looked the same with the same wear and longevity.


Pro longwear follows MAC’s legendary color matching system of NW (for cool tones) and NC (for warm tones) but this can a bit tricky if followed with the conventional colors of Studio Fix fluid. I noticed that the NC40 and NC 42 which I purchased were a bit lighter than their counterparts in Studio fix fluid when swatched on hand and compared side by side on face. With me being NC 40 in Studio fix fluid, I have to mix shades of NC 40 and NC 42 to get the right color that incredibly matches my skin tone. I also tried mixing NW30 to get my ‘neutral’ undertone correct but did not work and everything went ghostly so I dropped the idea. Color matching can be tricky so I advice application in store and then compared in natural day light. (btw please dont ask for samples as the formula dries in the small jar even before you reach home at times.)

MAC prolong wear SPF 10 foundation swatches+MAC prolong wear foundation swatches


Moisturizer is a must before application for a better slip and smooth gliding of the formula. I used it over Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer and Estee Lauder’s Cyberwhite SPF 50 sunscreen and also Neutrogena Oil free sunscreen and it wore the same all the time.

Fingers are the quickest to apply the formula. I dont suggest spreading the foundation but instead dabbing it while applying so that the formula melts into skin and looks natural. It can get streaky if you try to spread.
I dislike using a sponge as the thin consistency can easily get wasted. But once you have spread with fingers, a damp sponge could be used to make it go sheer and natural.

For foundation brushes, my Scott Barnes foundation brush (white goat hair) was the best to apply this formula. You can also use any stippling brush like Sigmax or MAC 109 and the results are incredible. With synthetic flat foundation brushes like Lancome and Clinique its advisable to apply it in short strokes and dabbing or stippling motion. I loved the effect when blended with MAC 187 or Sigma SS187 brush sprayed with a bit of water or Fix+ and blended in round strokes. This has to be done with a lightening speed as formula dries up fast.

Application methods can be debatable but I personally prefer fingers.
Dusting with Loose powder creates a matte effect. When topped with Mineralize skinfinish I loved that glowy sheen imparted on face and it looks picture perfect.

I suggest applying foundation first and then using concealer as it increases the longevity of the concealer too. I used Shiseido Natural Cream concealer, Benefit Boing and Kryolan supra foundation and all went really smooth.

What I liked about MAC Pro Longwear

  • Incredibly light and fluid texture
  • Quite controllable in application
  • Long lasting and upto 10 hrs of wear in humid climates (I have tested this before in October heat too)
  • Does not look oily but neither looks flat matte.
  • One layer is enough to get adequate coverage.
  • Did not oxidize and darken on my face but results may wary.
  • Did not streak after sweating on my face after approx. 2hrs of wear.
  • Provides moderate and buildable coverage.

What I dislike about MAC Pro Long Wear

  • Nothing to dislike actually.
  • Formula may dry a bit faster with less play time.
  • Layering can look a bit heavy and cakey though.
  • May not hide major flaws like acne marks.
  • May need to mix colors to get the right most suiting color. I had to invest in NC 40 and 42 both and would have loved if they had NC41 or 41.5.


Its a beautiful foundation, ideally suiting everyone. Best for office wear as it needs minimal touch ups and very good for photoshoots. I also recommend flight cabin crew to go for it as the finish is flattering.

  • Price - Rs.1700 for 30 ml.

Have You Tried MAC ProLong Wear Foundation ?


  • Packaging -5/5
  • Satisfaction -5/5
  • Blendability- 4.5/5
  • All over -5/5

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  1. Nice one! i did wana read a review on this…so many guru’s swear by this…

    Thanks so much for a wonderful and detailed review…i’ll definitely try this out the next time i go to MAC..

  2. I have had a crazy time finding the right shade of this foundation. I must have tested at least ten times but I just dint find the perfect shade..I finally got Bourjois Healthy mix foundation which is good for medium coverage..great review though Dr. Neeraj 🙂

  3. Hey Neeraj,
    Nice review, am using prolong for a year now n love it to the core, yes getting the right shade is a prob, I use NC40 n then top it with NC42 studio fix powder.

  4. awesome Neeraj D: you have always praised about this foundation and am glad to read your detailed review 😀
    the other day I tried this like you mentioned mixing the 2 shades and it stayed for almost whole day on me 😀 i will def. be trying this more and more before shelling 1700 😀 😀

  5. Grt review Dr. Neeraj, i lov ur reviews, i am a frequent visitor of ur blog too…
    but never commented , never got the guts honestly 🙂

    • Thank u so much…so sweet of u to say that……….do muster all the guts…LOL
      I am happy that u r inspired…its very important to be positive and learn new things. Makeup may be a small enhancement but it brings in lot of confidence and positivity in life..

  6. such a nice and detailed review Dr. you just re instilled my faith in MAC again.:) will definitely try this out. BTW which one would you suggest for my normal combi acne prone skin. This or clinique anti blemish one!! I don’t have any mark as such but tend to break out with even a slight change in weather. 🙁

  7. hi Dr.Neeraj… planning to buy MAC foundation with full coverage n the one lasts long for special occassions( i want it to survive those hot lights which is used at weddings)…which one do u think is gud..btw i have combination skin…

  8. @Jyoti. U must stick to the Clinique anti blemish one as it is allergy tested and non acnegenic. No such claims at mac.

    @krupa. Instead of going on full coverage foundation buy this and then use some smart concealing and stuido fix compact. Its always better to spot conceal and look uber natural than cakeup the makeup.

  9. Did MAC stop this pro long wear bottled version in India?? I don’t find it online? Is this available in stores now?? Please help.. thank you


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