Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo Review & Swatches


By Anusha Adabala

Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo 


Hello my dear beautiful friends,

The lovely monsoons have began and I hope you beauties have stacked up water-proof stuff in your make-up bags. Well, we don’t really want to get caught with our mascara or liner running down along with the rains. πŸ™‚ Hence we need them to be “transfer-proof”…right!! And that reminds me of my review for MAC‘s prolong wear lip pencil DYNAMO


mac dynamo lip pencil


This lip pencilis from their famous retro matte collection and Mac describes Dynamo as intense pink creme. They say these prolong wear lip pencils glides on fluidly and adheres instantly to lips with an instant release of rich saturated colour. Prolongs hours before re-application and “transfer-proof” – Just the last two words made me grab this liner cause I very much hate staining the coffee cups as if, I kissed them ;-P πŸ˜€

So, let’s see how it fares.. πŸ™‚

Price: 1500 /- INR

Availability: permanent collection, you can get at MAC stores across India

Quantity: 1.2gm

Yes, you’re right..!! It is a baby bootie and we all know Mac isn’t so generous to shower us with a jumbo pencil for that price. Infact, these prolong wears are midgets in Mac’s pencil families but claimed under the ‘prolong’ breed.

My experience with Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo:

Texture: so it’s a ‘prolong wear’ + a ‘retro matte’ = very very drying. It’s creamier during application, glides without pulling or tugging, but dries up real quick.

Pigmentation: Just one-two swipes and you get the shade.


mac dynamo lip liner


Staying power: Alone it stayed for about 5+ hrs and topping up lipstick added 2-3hrs further. It survived laughter, water splashes, snacks and drinks. πŸ˜€ And viola!! It didn’t even kiss the coffee mug!! Ahem ahem!!

But just when I was getting emotional with this liner, I noticed (after 5+hrs) it surfaced as teeny-weeny cracks near my lip lines and showed an “un-uniform” flaking before diminishing. And even the touch-up didn’t give me a uniform result as layering is tricky with this liner. So I then topped it up with a lipstick to make it look decent.


mac dynamo swatch


My take: Dynamo is a hot pink with some soft coral undertones. The texture is creamy and doesn’t pull or tug the lips during application, though it dries real quick. It’s got a great coverage and colour payoff. But alone, it feels slightly heavy when layered and makes the lips very dry. It’s best when topped up with lipsticks like mac relentlessly red, all fired up as it goes well with most of bright pink, coral-pink lipsticks and glosses.

And a well scrubbed and moisturized lips are a must for this lippie liner or you can see how unforgiving it is, in my lip swatches. πŸ˜€

What I like about Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo:

  • The intense hot pink with coralish undertone
  • Rich colour which settles on lips right away without pulling and tugging
  • Staying power
  • Being non-transferable
  • Best when used as a base for pink, pink-coral lipsticks than alone
  • The super soft creamy finish which glides on lips
  • Good pigmentation. 1-2 swipes you get the shade.

What I don’t like about Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo:

  • Diminishes unpleasantly settling near lip lines. un-uniform flaking
  • Feels slightly heavy and sticky when layered
  • Difficult to touch-up. Didn’t give me a uniform result as layering is tricky with this liner.
  • Very very drying
  • Due to creamy texture, the pencil dissolves real quick (might need to carry a sharpener) πŸ˜€
  • Dusky beauties may not like the intense bold pink


mac dynamo lipswatch


Rating: 3.8/5

Recommendation:Dynamo is a beautiful ravishing pink, but definitely isn’t a must-have product in your kitty. While I can’t ignore the drying bit, I couldn’t overlook the un-uniform flaking for the price paid. But it really marvels when topped with a lipstick. You can skip this dynamite πŸ˜€ unless you really loved this hot pink shade or you desperately wanted a Mac lipliner to go with your Mac lipsticks like relentlessly red, all fired up, impassioned or any other hot pinks or pinkish-corals. πŸ™‚

Have you tried Mac Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in Dynamo?

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    • Yes Neetu, I too loved this shade but it’s quite drying though wrks well with a gloss. Here I wanted to show its real texture for you guys πŸ™‚


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