MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review & Swatches


MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector

Hi lovely ladies. Under-eye area is a part of the face that can either completely make or break your look . Dark circles under eye are killers of beauty. A dark circle under eye gives your personality a depressed and deprived sick outlook. No doubt that most of us are dealing with them, that’s why under-eye concealer has become one of the make-up products that some women like me simply cannot live without. Since my teenage years Iam very much concerned about these dark circles and I tried a lot of natural, homeopathic and even allopathic remedies without any results. So at last I was left with no options but to hide them with makeup… I have been longing for a decent product to hide my hereditary and bad under eye dark circles but again the same problem since the problem was so matter what I tried to hide my panda eyes these suckers were not going anywhere!. I have tried many products and nothing seemed to ‘hide” them at all!!!

Last month I got an opportunity to meet one beauty expert during my last visit to Singapore, with whom I share this problem of mine. She told that only concealing the dark circles is not enough, one need corrector prior to it for effective results and I am pretty sure that this is definitely the step that most of us skip…which according to her and now me also is a big, big mistake. To prove it she used her Mac Pure Orange Studio Finish Corrector on my dark circles before applying my Mac Pro longwear concealer and I was absolutely elated to see the results.

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review+mac makeup

Let’s see how it fared on me

About MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector :

A specially tinted formula offering the traditional full coverage and protection of Studio Finish SPF 35 while providing long-lasting pro-quality concealing and colour-adjusting properties. Goes on smoothly, dries to a natural matte. Use alone or blend with other foundations. Highly pigmented and richly emollient: even a dab provides enough coverage to effectively conceal dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and any skin discoloration. Available in eight skin-correcting shades

  • Price: INR 1000/- for 6 gms of product.
  • Ingredients:

I am too lazy to type 😉 . . . .  so lets click the pics and paste the list of ingredients as shown in the cover of the product:

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review Ingredients+concealer

How to apply MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector :-

After moisturizing, I just wait a few minutes to let everything sink in and then  dip a clean finger into the pot to apply the tiniest amount of concealer under my eyes, patting it in a bit with ring finger as I go and spread it under my eyes. The trick is to use it sparingly and not to coat and cover the skin with bright orange but to simply apply with a light touch over the area that needs color correcting, patting lightly with your ring finger, so that you can blend it into your skin and let the orange neutralize the purple/black/blue from within. One should apply this only in the area of discoloration, if you go outside of this area then you’ll be tinting the other areas that means if the orange gets on to skin that is not pigmented, it’s going to show up as orange, so you want to be very careful with how much to use…so be careful about the area of discoloration and quantity of the product to be used…remember three words- less is more.

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review Shade+mac cosmetics

Once everything is covered up, use a yellow concealer and blend it in with the orange. Add little by little of yellow concealer at a time and blend it together. Keep blending in the yellow color with the orange till the color of the concealer matches your skin…. and tada! the face is brightened…those dark circles…..where are they?. Now set it with a powder afterward to ensure it lasts throughout the day!!


MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review Package+mac make up

My experience with MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector :

As I have stated earlier, I am suffering from horrible under eye circles and after using this corrector I am of a strong opinion that no concealer can combat blue or purple tones under eye circle, like a peach or orange corrector can. It really does cover up extremely dark circles and pigmentation around the eye….it is simply awesome. The formula is very creamy and blend able and the small container is perfect because it’s portable and also snaps together tightly .

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Swatches:-


MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review Finger Swatch+make up cosmetics

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector Review Hand Swatch+makeup concealer

What I like about MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector ?

  • Very creamy
  • Easy to blend.
  • A little goes a long way
  • Doesn’t feel heavy when applied
  • Medium-full coverage.
  • Packing is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Last throughout the day.
  • Has SPF 35.
  • Last but not the least…its Mac after all  🙂

What I did not like about MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector ?

There isn’t much bad! I have one minor rant about Mac Studio Finish corrector and that is if sometimes if I put too much on, it does crease and settles in fine lines.

  • It may seem expensive but seriously I need like a pin head size amount of the product to do both the eyes and 6 gms of product will easily last me for a year even if I use it daily.

Rating: 10/5.

Have you tried MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector ?



  1. This did not work for me at all! I had to blend blend and finally i lost patience! I believe the clinique corrector is more suited for indian skin tones

    • Shweta, use it sparingly….I know it takes a lot of patience to blend it but the results are worth it!! I’ve also tried Clinique one its also good but as far as staying power is concerned, this beauty steals the show.

    • Yes Shweta…I agree. Blending does needs a lot of patience,another thing is that you should use the corrector very very sparingly so that you can blend it easily and precisely too….

  2. Sounds good, but i feel this shade is tad too orangy for eyes, I agree with shweta clinique one wud better, thts not very orangy, waise mac one can double up as a blusher too i think :p

    • Yes Taps u can also use it as blusher…but again, one has to very careful with the quantity…u only want a sunkissed look and not clowny cheeks…..isnt it? And yes..though the colour is **too** orangy but in conjunction with a yellow concealer it hides dark circles purrfectly i swear!!!

  3. 10/5 :laugh: That’s quite a rating 😉 Very nicely reviewed Ruhi altho the finger swatch looks a tad scary coz it’s almost neon for a corrector :tremble:

  4. Nice to see orange corrector.. this one is more orange :P.. I dont need this now 😛 no drak circle problem.. but good to know the review doh 😉


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