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Today I’m going to review one of those products which got sold-out in the very first week of their arrival in every MAC store. I thanked God zillion times to be able to grab the very last piece from the collection ‘RiRi hearts’ left in store.


mac riri woo gloss

Ladies!!..Here I unveil the killer and sexed out gloss “RiRi WOO LIP-GLASS”

I have been eagerly waiting for this collection to get launched in India since the day Rihanna tweeted “That’s right baby, I’m a #MACgal now! Get into it, package designed and products created from scratch by yours truly! Thanks to the EPIC team at #MAC for giving me the opportunity to play and share my favoritesh*t with my fans and yours.”

Rihanna announced this via her twitter account on her 25th birthday i.e. 20 FEB.
According to some sources, the aim of Rihanna was to beat the iconic colour “rubywoo” which worked great on every skin tone. After experimenting a lot with different undertones and colours, RiRiwoo shade came into existence.


riri woo lip gloss

  • COLOR DISCRIPTION: Its undeniably super sexy crimson colour with cool undertones. The colour stands out due to its boldness and intensity of scarlet pigments. It will definitely complement all skin tones and a ‘must try’ for Indian warm skin tones.
  • TEXTURE: its less sticky than usual MAC lip-glasses. It feels sticky initially but gradually gets reduced by the time. Its thick and highly pigmented. Just one swipe over the lips will do the whole work (which means no lipstick needed underneath).
  • COVERAGE: Provides awesome coverage due to its opaqueness. It covers moderate pigmentation nicely.
  • LONGETIVITY: it lasts for 4-5 hours. It survives small meals and heavy meals can take away the shine but leaves behind nice crimson colour.
  • PACKAGING- the upper part (handle) of the tube comes in a rose gold metallic colour which features Rihanna’s signature ( RiRi MAC) and other half part is made up of semi glass material.
  • AVAILABILITY- It’s the biggest issue due to the limited edition collection & limited MAC stores.


MAC RiRi WOO LIP-GLASS  Swatches:-

ririwoo gloss handswatch


-A smooth surface will make the application easier and flawless. A bit of scrubbing will do the needful.
-Defining the lips with lip liner will provide a better appearance of lips.
-To make the mouth area look flawless, apply bit of concealer on the outer edges of lips and set it with a matt powder.

This is how it looks-

mac rir woo lipswatchLeft – conditioned lips. Right – RiRiwoo lip-glass applied.

It’s my first choice for moderate Smokey-eyes look for night (keeping the colour of blusher natural) and neutral-eyes look for day time. The dramatic colour can be subdued & controlled by smearing the desired amount of colour.

What I like about MAC RiRi Woo Lip Glass:

  • highly pigmented
  • long lasting (4-5 hours)
  • suits all skin tone
  • less sticky than other lip glosses
  • thick consistency & opaque

What I don’t like about MAC RiRi Woo Lip Glass:

  • price (rs. 1200)
  • very bold colour
  • bit sticky
  • availability

Final verdict-  It instantly adds glamour to my face (perfect for sultry makeup and for occasion like dates ;-D ). But those who don’t like bold colors might not like it.

Thank you! 😀

Have you tried MAC RiRi Woo Lip Glass?

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  1. I am one of the few people who actually like the texture of lipglasses, so I really wish I could have picked this up before it went oos

  2. Biggest issue is its availability…… I am dying to lay my hands on riri woo lipstick or lipglass but both are always out of stock….. it is such a sensual colour and in every day life like work or college you can wear this as lip tint also if you want…… I need to go back to MAC store again because it is so tempting…… lovely review.

  3. I already have Ruby Woo, so buying the RiRi Woo lipstick would be an utter waste but I can definitely justify the purchase of this lip glass! :p


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