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My dad is one of the most supportive and kind people that I have ever had the fortune to meet. He’s 6’4’’, intimidating and imposing looking but just a really big fluffy teddy. I love you Daddy! :*

But I digress, recently my dad gifted me two MAC lipsticks on a mere whim. He chose them on his own and handed them to me, expecting the regular squeals indicating that I adore it. Seeing the first, Ruby Woo, I screamed like a banshee and hugged my dad till I almost cracked a rib. 😛
But the next one, which I am now going to review, rained on my parade. Looking at it I knew right then that there wasn’t a chance in hell of me rocking this shade but I nevertheless smiled a megawatt smile and made my dad happy.


MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Review +mac makeup


Price: It was a gift, but I think this retails at around 1100INR.


It comes in the classic MAC tube packaging that’s both travel safe and classy. It’s a perfect blend of utility and style that has made MAC a world leader in cosmetics. The black outer tube with click mechanism and silver inner tube just makes my heart happy when I glance at it.


MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Review Shade+mac make up


My take on MAC Satin Lipstick Snob :

MAC describes this as a “ladylike mauve” but for me, this colour is more of a Nicki Minaj pink with cool lavender undertones. I am sure there are numerous people in the world who think that they can rock this shade, seeing as it’s one of the most popular shades in the permanent collection. But sadly, I just cannot. I look ghastly in this lipstick, just bloody awful! I look pale, drawn out and how I always imagined an Inferius (reanimated corpse, to the muggles who don’t get the Harry Potter reference) would look.


MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Review Package+lipsticks


I just despise this lipstick, it’s that awful on me. It makes my dry lips look even more flaky than they already are and applies very unevenly. It lasts a mere 2 hours (without food) and then fades unevenly to this chalky pastel pink that looks garish.

I kid you not, when I rushed to the mirror for a lip swatch of this product my dad gave me an incredulous look and said, “You are going out in that? That?” Once I was done with the swatch and longevity test I practically rubbed my lips raw, wanting to get all the colour out. I haven’t had the cojones to wear this lipstick out, and I am sure that it’s in the best interest of the public. -.-

MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Swatches:

MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Review Hand Swatch+lip stain

MAC Satin Lipstick Snob Review Lip Swatch+lip color



There’s nothing good that I have to say about this shade, apart from the classy classic MAC packaging. This is one shade I will never ever buy!


What I like about MAC Satin Lipstick Snob:

  • Suitable for very pale and slightly tanned white people
  • Very unusual colour
  • Can be an MLBB color for numerous people
  • The satin finish gives a matte look but isn’t as drying
  • Travel safe classy packaging


What I don’t like about MAC Satin Lipstick  Snob:-


  • Applies patchily
  • Not suitable for dusky Indian skin
  • So popular that sometimes availability may be a problem in some countries
  • Fades patchily on my dry lips.
  • The writing on the tube is not engraved and can fade away.

Would I repurchase MAC Satin Lipstick Snob ?

This shade? Never in a gaziliion years!

Would I recommend MAC Snob to friends?

If they are an NC15 or lower, maybe so.

Rating: 3.5/5 (It’s not a bad lipstick per se, just a bad one for me)

Have you tried MAC Satin Lipstick Snob ?

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  1. While reading this review of yours, I couldn’t think of anything/anyone other than Nicki Minaj !!! 😀
    A big no from my side also !!!

  2. aww i loved the beginning of ur post. However,,, nov.. try with a darker lip pencil or use this shade to to lighten very bright lipstick.,, It will work 🙂

  3. I luuuurve the way u write! :heart: Forget the awful blue-toned shade….ur lip swatch is lovely n i thoroughly enjoyed reading this review :yes: :-))

  4. Now that you have got this as a gift try using this on a base of a darker lip color…mix colors..since this has blue tones you can create your own coral shade by mixing this with a red/orange lipstick…play around…I have a color similar to this and I create custom colors.. Au Revoir!

  5. I was going to buy this one since I thought it was a baby pink color. But I think I should skip this and get MAC crosswire lipstick. Thanks for the lovely review dear

    • I am dusky, and the whole baby pink world is too crazy for me but I am glad you skipped this lipcolor!
      Thank YOU for the enthusiasm!

  6. I smiled all the way when i read ur review. Mix and matching the color might work. give it a try. I have so many neutral shades that I end up looking like a zombie…..i mix them with other shades. works good enough.

  7. i have come across similar shades in mine i kinda use them as cream blushes now or if i am having heavy eye makeup 🙂 and i love your lip swatch gorgeous :)..and your name too

    • I think I am too dusky too use this sort of shade as a cream blush but thank you for the compliment…. My name is Nivanya, not Nivyana :p

  8. this is certainly not a bad shade 🙂 i would suggest wear it over plum berry lip pencil like ” BEET” , am sure you will love it and this is a gift by DAD .. what else you want ?

  9. How sweet your daddy is ..and you are so right about the shade 🙁
    after reading your review I am tempted to buy ruby woo 😉
    The Mall here I come :p

  10. I loved your crazy ramplings.. I smiled all over while reading this post.. 😀 😀

    This will wash me out for sure. But try mixing it with come deep berry or coral shades. That may help! 🙂


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