MAC Show Orchid Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos


MAC Show Orchid Lipstick 

If  you are dusky, fair , brown , pale or of any skin tone MAC Show Orchid lipstick  is something which you are going to fall for  provided you love Loud pink lipsticks.I feel lucky to have this shade because most of the time when I asked about Show Orchid , MAC S.A gave me that sad look because it is a Pro shade.

Show Orchid – an eye catching shade which definitely makes heads turn.It is such a versatile shade that  you can wear it any time  be it day or night.You just rock in it.

  • Price -  INR 980

mac show orchid amplified lipstick+MAC pink lipstick fuchsia purple

Comes in MAC bullet packaging Show Orchid covers  heaviest of pigmentation.It’s creamy (amplified) and is not drying.It neither settle down into  fine lines and has vanilla fragrance and is incredibly long staying.It stays for five hours and surprisingly its blue but still suits me so well.:heart:

MAC Show orchid lipstick review hot pink+MAC Show orchid reviews pink hot pink shades

Swatches of MAC Show Orchid Lipstick:-

It’ a cool toned fuchsia pink which has a tad bit of purple sheen to it and has amplified finish  but i do find blue chrome in it.

mac show orchid swatches and dupe+MAC Show orchid swatches+MAC show orchid

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MAC Show Orchid On My Lips:-

mac show orchid on my lips swatches+hot pink

 MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review

MAC Show orchid on me hot+MAC Fuchsia pink with purple undertones lipstick

Recommendation – If you liked MAC Girl about town then don’t miss on this .It will definitely suit you infact you might think of   buying a back up too 😀

Have you tried MAC Show Orchid Lipstick?

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  1. Its such a sexy color..totally love it..might look a lik OTT on me though…Oh Ana.ur a mommie nw…am so happy for you..I still feel like jumping like an idiot

  2. Ha! Did I tell you that I’m into bright fuchsias and hot pinks these days? Loving the shade.
    But on a second thought it;s a bit too much of blue and milky for me

          • ofcourse it is going to take some time on health front and life seems so did u feel when u became a mommie?

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