MAC Spring Summer Trend 2012 – Neo-n


Here’s the 4th trend of the Spring Summer 2012 Trends collection from M.A.C - Neo-n !

Graffiti inspired. Dynamic. Stripped back. Ultimately urban…this season goes faster with punchy, sportive colours setting the stopwatch on fashion and beauty alike…

MAC Spring Summer Trends 2012 Neo-n

Gorgeous, not grittily graffiti-esque, it’s about wearing neoprene colour against plump, workout-fresh skin and an aerodynamic brow in an effortlessly chic, considered way. A move on from the aggressively hard-hitting, stamped-on brights of last summer, the new sophisticated athleticism of this season’s fuelled-up shades is about giving the face a beautiful detail rather than a fierce shock of colour.

MAC 2012 Spring Summer Trends Neo-n

MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trends Neo-n

While they tap into the trend for energetically engineered, high-tech (and high colour, high print, high shine…) fabric that is so omnipresent this season, the new bright beauty statements of SS2012 have a subtlety to their statements:
Yes, these scuba shades are striking, but they’re never stamped on or harsh….

MAC Spring Summer Trends Neo-n
Think touchable and sensual… intelligent and singular…pure colour but not Pop Art… desirable not Disco…and don’t work too hard at it. If it looks like you’ve simply swiped on a strong lip on your way back from the gym, you’ve pretty much nailed it…

Products used in MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trend – Neo-n

  • M·A·C PRO Orange Lipmix

  • M·A·C PRO Process Magenta Chromagraphic Pencil

  • M·A·C PRO Acid Orange Pigment

  • M·A·C PRO Electric Coral Pigment

  • M·A·C PRO Chartreuse Pigment

  • M·A·C PRO Process Magenta Paint Stick

  • M·A·C PRO Genuine Orange Paint Stick

  • Marine Ultra Chromagraphic Pencil

  • Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil

  • Florida Cremeblend Blush

  • Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush

  • Pink Pigeon Lipstick

  • Flamingo Lipstick

What did you like most about MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trend – Neo-n ? 🙂

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  1. I am really liking this year’s MAC looks. Apart from the theme makeups, there are such beautiful wearable looks as well! I feel I can spot them anywhere.
    Btw Ana, I have oily-combination skin. Which MAC foundation ( liquid) would you recommend?
    Please rep asap

  2. Thanks a ton Ana. I am afraid of selecting the wrong shade and then the whole money would be just wasted. 😛
    Even I have heard raves of Cinique one. I think I better ask Dr Neeraj, what could be the possible closest shade to MAC NC 41

    And thanks for the review link


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