MAC Spring Summer Trend 2012 – Ore-Inspired



Here’s the 3rd trend of the Spring Summer 2012 Trends collection from M.A.C - Ore-Inspired !


MAC Spring Summer Trends Ore-Inspired


Every summer begs the inevitable beauty question: tan-chic, or not? Or, more precisely: what treatment of warmth feels appropriate for the warm season now?

For SS2012, it’s certainly not about a desert tan, even though the looks reference a worldly, well-travelled woman. In fact, it’s less about warming up the complexion itself and more about using tan-relevant and tan-related shades to accentuate the lips, cheeks and eyes.


MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trends Ore-Inspired


Palette-wise, think metallic, creamy copper, rust, terracotta and peach and sideline anything that’s traditionally flat, matte and brown-based. An element of reflection and heat is the key update to make on tan tones for SS2012. “Tan shades with a metallic edge have a preciousness and sophistication,” confirms Lyne Desnoyers. “Their inherent light-reflective nature ensures they never draw lines on the face in the same way as flat colour, making them appear immediately chic and flattering.”

The focus is on the features, yet the skin is still the ultimate canvas for these looks. Go easy on base and build in an athletic bone structure with metallic highlights that create what Terry Barber is calling ‘Olympian cheekbones.’ “Now cheekbones are very beautiful and not so masculine as we’ve seen in the past. We’re using a lot of Metal-X in Fusion Gold or Cream Colour Base in Shell on top of them — an extreme highlight takes away the need to contour,” he explains.


MAC Spring Summer Trends 2012 Ore-Inspired


Add something of a burnished eye or an earth or sand toned lip and you’re good to go: wisely warm and not a hint of WAG…



Products used in MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trend – Ore-Inspired

  • Venetian Tarnish Metal-X Cream Shadow

  • Rusty Metal-X Cream Shadow

  • Fusion Gold Metal-X Cream Shadow

  • Reflects Gold

  • Constructivist Paint Pot

  • Teddy Eye Kohl

  • Modern Mandarin Blush

  • Groundwork Paint Pot

  • M·A·C PRO Bronze Cream Colour Base

  • Vintage Coin Metal-X Cream Shadow

  • Coconutty Lipstick

  • Cup of Joe Cream Eye Shadow

  • Coppering Eye Shadow

  • M·A·C PRO Dusk Cream Colour Base

  • Cream Colour Base in Improper Copper

  • M·A·C PRO Caramel and

  • Terracotta Studio Finish Skin Corrector

  • Coquette Eye Shadow

  • Freckletone Lipstick

  • Fresh Brew Lipstick

What did you like most about MAC Spring Summer 2012 Trend – Ore-Inspired ? 🙂

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