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Have you had those times when you’ve hoarded so much that you no longer recall few products? Well, Ahem…that’s what happened to me with the MAC Studio sculpt Concealor…I’d picked this up earlier last year when I was obsessed about concealors and then conveniently forgot about it when I picked up some other concealors…Some of the concealors I’d been trying around that time were the Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick, Bourjois Anticerness concealor, Kryolan concealor, etc..And then came MAC Prolongwear concealor and swept me off my feet so to speak 😉 Then one fine day in Feb when I shifted to Moms place urgently due to some issues with premature labor and didn’t have time to pack any makeup essentials, I told my hubs to pack some for me and mentioned the MAC concealor assuming I had just the one. And well..he came back with this one and I was dumbstruck. I admit for a minute I thought, ‘Wow! My hubby is so sweet that he went all the way to the MAC store and got me a new concealor.’ Then sanity returned and I remembered I’d bought this a while back 😛 So much for romantic surprises hmm?

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor review+ mac stuio sculpt

In case you’re wondering why I have the concealor in NW25, it’s because I have a neutral skintone and can use either NC (meant for cooler skintones) or NW(meant for warmer skintones).

About MAC Studio Sculpt Concealors

A creamy concealer that provides full coverage with a natural matte finish. Brushes on with enough blend time to conceal any size of blemish. Rich formulation allows you to use a micro-amount of product to even out skin. Water-resistant and long-wearing.

Price: INR1100 for 5.5gms (I think the price has been hiked to INR1200 now)

MAC concealor review

My Experience with the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor

  • Packaging: This comes in a thick glass tub with a screw top lid identical to their paintpots. It’s sturdy albeit a bit heavy.
  • Consistency & Coverage: The Studio Sculpt line itself is well known to be a thicker formula. So yes, it’s heavier than the other formulas but it also conceals better. This is a full coverage concealer and a single layer does the trick.
  • MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor review+ mac stuio sculpt

  • Staying Power: This can stay on the full day but for oily skin/oily areas, this would start fading in about 5hs.

For those of you who are in need of serious concealing, this may be the formula you’re looking for. I’ve heard this has been discontinued but alot of stores still have stock left over incase you’re interested.

Did this work for me? Yes and No…

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor review+ mac

How did the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor work well for me?

  • I have dark circles which this helps conceal effectively.
  • I don’t have any marks which require concealing but I do use a concealor for the area around my nose and at the corners of my mouth. I find this formula to be quite thick and conceals all my problem areas with a single layer. The thick formula also does mean that one has to put in marginally more efforts to blend but it’s not a tough job.
  • Doesn’t leave my skin feeling ashy
  • Has a good staying power on my chin and nose area and doesn’t melt at all.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor review+ mac concealor

Why did the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor NOT work well for me?

So why have I not raved about this before and switched multiple times before finding my HG concealor in the MAC Prolongwear range?

  • It’s the thick formula….At times (especially during summer) it’s as if I can feel the weight of this concealor. This doesn’t happen during winters, but is a common occurrence during summers and monsoons
  • It creases badly in my undereye area. I’ve tried using a thinnest layer, using it with my fingers and brushes, using a translucent powder afterwards…but even then this creases on me. I don’t have oily lids or anything and yet it creases. As a result, I’m constantly swiping the area with my finger, effectively wiping away the concealor. Probably this would be best for really dry skin.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor review+ mac+ concealor review

All said and done, this concealor would probably work best for dry skinned gals or those who need heavier concealing on their face.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. I need concealor which have lot of yellow undertones…but this one doesn’t seem to be the one..What say Zee?

  2. I dont like cakey concealers! Ana prolongwear has a lot of yellow tones.. Im
    Using nc 40 in that and works well for me


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