MAC Stylishly Yours Collection (Part1)


M.A.C presents Stylishly Yours


The simplest switch-up is all that’s required. A pink lip, a lavender eye? A red lip, an orange eye? Stylishly Yours is a M·A·C presto- change-o colour collection to personalize the process instantly. Always flawlessly fabulous, set against the sophistication of black, work the full spectrum of passionate pinks to raging reds, in 4 Lipsticks, 4 Pigments, 4 Crème Colour Base, 2 Beauty Powders, Clear Lipglass, and don’t panic Zoomlash and Fluidline at the ready to double-dramatize how glamorous it is to be you.

MAC Stylishly Yours BeautyBEAUTY POWDER

Play It Proper – Pastel soft pink with sparkles

Too Chic – Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer

MAC StylishlyYours Beauty Powder Too Chic

StylishlyYours Beauty Powder Play It Proper


209 – Eyeliner


MAC StylishlyYours Brush


Madly Magenta – Vivid pinkish purple (Cream)

Movie Star Red – Medium toned blue red (Cream)

Tickle Me Pink – Poppy creamy bright pink (Cream)

Virgin Isle – Vivid bright coral (Cream)



MAC Stylishly Yours Cream Colour Base Madly Magenta



MAC Stylishly Yours Cream ColourBase Movie Star RedMAC Stylishly YoursCream Colour Base Tickle Me Pink



MAC Stylishly Yours Cream Colour Base VirginIsleWhat did you like in MAC Stylish Your Collection?

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  1. Ofcourse d obvious one 😐

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    • alright yes angel is happy..i will share it with you next time ::D:D
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      • OMG MIka 😯 😯 you dont watch Shinchan … oh it hurts that people dont know abt shinchan 😥 😥
        u know i m mad abt him…. my bro had gifted me his framed picture to put on ma side table as B’day gift

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    • its rightly said u dun get older by age, but by ur heart :highfive:

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      • yeah :highfive:
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