Mac Tartan Tale and MAC Venomous Villains Hyderabad launch India update and my haul

Hello girls!!!
aah !!! It has been hectic fun filled day. :DI went shopping with my friend and first time went without my hubby till GVK mall.When we came out from the mall we went for some chat in Bikanerwala and while coming back home I lost the way and after one hour I was shocked to see  that I was back at GVK mall.I and my friend was laughing like anything.
While coming back every person was ready to help (only if he was a boy).Aunties didn’t bothered:D.Any way we finally reached home.
Before I share my haul let me tell all the MAC makeup holic here that Mac Tartan Tale and Mac Venomous villlian will be launched with in 2-3 days together in Hyderabad.They are already so late in India and now MAC Hyderabad is delaying it further.:(
Anyways I had to shop for few more things and got some Forrest essential and fab India products for myself.

Forrest Essential Multani Mitti acne pack- This pack is for acne prone skin and to remove blemishes.Price of this pack is Rs 450.It is expensive but he SA was going ga ga over this.It better turn out good because I myself have tried many multani mitti pack(fuller earth ) pack which costed me not even Rs 100.

This is forest Essential Virgin sesame oil – This one is cold pressed ,organic nutrient rich oil.I was so impressed by using Fab India sesame oil so I moved a step ahead and got Virgin sesame oil.

Fab India tea tree skin toner- This I got because my lovely friend Mitra wanted me to try it.Prices Rs 125

Fab India Avocado body wash – Just got over with my Dove body wash so picked up this one.It has Avocado butter in it.Price Rs 200

St.Ives Hydrating vitamin E body lotion -Got over with my Nivea moisturizer so got this one.Price Rs 275.I guess this moisturizer will last for 2-3 months easily.

That is all πŸ™‚
How was your day ??


  1. Have you won a lottery or something???? buying multani mitti pack 100 gm for 450 bucks….
    or you have become toooooo rich…….
    i love Forrect essential too but they are way too expensive yaar. n to buy multanni mitti pack for 450…… hmmm i need to think a lot before that. BTW how much did sesame oil cost you?

  2. Meenu I a m new is just been 4-5 months…i was in delhi before..

    don make fun of me .. i will tell your mom how much u spend on cosmetics and other things:D

  3. oh.. trying to blackmail me??? Ok u tell her, my day will also come……. B)
    hey i wanted to know, what is sesame oil for? i heard a lot abt this

  4. Hi is 390…expensive hai..but i used it last night and my skin is feeling so smooth today:)

    by the way how u doing?

  5. haan bhaut jaada..otherwise i will swap them with yur St .Ives products ::D:D
    by the wya it is the first toner which claims to reduce blemishes.


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