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I have a long list of lust lists. It’s like the movie Inception. My lists have a list. One of the lust list in my list for lists has a list….. never minds its confusing.

As per Wikipedia – Purple is a range of hues of color occurring between red and blue.




In the ancient world, purple was the color worn by Roman Emperors and magistrates, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Since that time, purple has been commonly associated with royalty and piety.

Here is my Lust list of Purples.


As I was growing up, for some unknown reason I wanted a Christian wedding and wanted to carry this bunch of flowers in my hand. I guess I watched too many of those chic flicks. Father of the Bride, My best friend’s wedding, Bride wars.


purple flowers


Aren’t they adorable and must haves in the wardrobe.

purple clothes



These stones are such lovely accessories. If any of you are off to Srilanka don’t forget to buy these lovely amethysts. You will get it for a super deal. They have a whole lot of shops selling these.  Beware of fraudsters!!!


purple accessories



A royal bedroom with purple wall paper, besides a private lavender spa. And, Oh Yes, I am watching it all through my purple Judith Leiber Eyewear.  Somebody wake me up, I think I am dreaming.


purple lifestyle



A pair of winged ballerina and the killer stilettos will do no harm if it’s in your wardrobe :-P.

If it’s not, you will be craving, yearning, jealous and lusting.


purple footwearpurple stilettos


You think only Selena Gomez can sport this huh??

I had tried streaking my hair purple in college. Sadly it blended so well with my natural hair color, I had to literally ask people to notice that I streaked my hair L .

Purple hair accessories , yeah I love them. I have something that I will show you at the end of the post.


purple hair


Where will I get this purple??? Boohhh Boooh Boooohhh….. Somebody pls help. I need this exact color.

These Zoya nail colors are to die for. BTW have you checked the FACES range of matte colors for nails? They are good too. I love the black.

purple makeup

Here is a little dash of purple in my wardrobe.

Lakme Quartet – inspired by Tanjore Painting. It’s a lovely palette to have.


Lakme Quartet eyeshadowcTanjore+make up


My cute little Hairband


purple hairband

My MAC Techna Kohl – Purple Dash


MAC Techna Kohl Purple Dash Review+eye liner reviews


I have been using MAC TechnaKohl – GraphBlack forever. From the time I started wearing a kohl or kajal. Infact this was among the first MAC product I ever bought. Its amazingly good product. To add a few colors to my eye I picked this MAC TechKohl in – Purple Dash.


MAC Techna Kohl Purple Dash Pencil Review+color eye liner


It’s a self sharpening plastic bodied pencil. The color is dark purple (lots of red and less of blue). It has slight sheen to the color so it dazzles in light. (Sorry for the dry skin on my hands and messily rubbing the color on it. Eww…)

MAC TechnaKohl Purple Dash Swatches:-


MAC Techna Kohl Purple Dash Review hand swatch+kohl liner


What I like about MAC Technakohl Purple Dash:-


  • Color.
  • Texture,extremely smooth and glides on the eye.
  • Pigmentation. Packaging, no sharpening.
  • Longitivity


What I don’t like about MAC Technakohl Purple Dash:-


Price INR 1100/- (Its MAC it’s expensive)

Overall rating: 4.5/5

What are your favourite purples?? Have you tried MAC Technakohl Purple Dash?


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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade wowwwww, and loved your post , those purple hair accessories, shoes and all look soooooooooooo good ! :inlove: :yes: :yes:

  2. Oh Gosh!! Totally drooling over your lust list!! I am a purple crazy woman too!

    Got about 6 tops in purple, 9 eye shadows, 8 eye liners and about 10 lippies all in the purple/plum/mauve color zones!!

    When I was in school, I came across a color named PURPLE RAIN in Elle 18 lipstick shades. Couldn’t tear my eyes off it although I could not imagine ever daring to wear a lippy of that shade (it is very very similar to the lippy shade the girl in wearing in this write up) 🙂

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