MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review, Swatches &FOTD


MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush

 Hi everyone,

I was in search of a good highlighter for a while now.I wanted something that would do the job of highlighting well even in the day time without making me look like a disco ball. Then in consultation with Zee,I picked up this gorgeous blush up and I am totally in love with it. Read on to know why:-)

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review+best blushes

  •  Price: Rs 1350 for full pan,1150 for refill.
  • Ingredients:

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review Ingredients+blush palette

My experience with MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush:

MAC describes Trace Gold as Gold with shimmer. I couldn’t agree more. Its a perfect subtle gold shade without gritty shimmer to make one look like you have a glow from within!On me ,the shade almost blends with my skin and gives this pretty angelic golden glow ! Sounds wow?

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review Shade+sheertone blush

The pigmentation is good although it is a sheer tone shimmer finish. The colour is not very visible in the swatch as the shade closely matches my skin.Will this blush work for darker skin tones you ask? In my opinion,this is THE highlighter for all Indian yellowish skin tones as it gives a fab effect!

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review Hand Swatch+shimmer blush

The staying power is good too. It lasts for a good 4-5 hours ,but a slight glow is visible for about 6 hours at least.The blush is versatile. It can be worn alone or topped over any matte blush of your choice. Be careful not to pair cool toned blushes with this highlighter. Also ,since the shimmer is subtle,its good enough to be worn in the day.

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review Cheek Swatch+blush reviews

You see,how it makes my skin glow!! Take a look at the full face shot. However,please excuse the messy hair was wet so just tied it back to give you a clear idea of how it looks in day time ! Also,as the rain gods still havent stopped smiling,this is really the best I could do 🙂

MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush Review FOTD+blush with shimmer

In my opinion,Trace gold is the best highlighter for all Indian skin tones. When searching online for dupes if any,I did come across a colorbar shade with the same name-buts its far more shimmery according to what Zara told me and i trust her Blush Judgement completely:-). But I havent seen it at the stores lately,so maybe its discontinued or out of stock.

Summing it up:

What I like about MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush:-

  •  Awesome highlighter for Indian skin
  • Works well alone or over another blush
  • Subtle shimmer-nothing over the top
  • Good pigmentation
  • Lasts Long

What cons?I would buy this forever now ..thats how much I love it

My rating: 10/5 😛 thats how much i love it.

Have you tried MAC TRACE GOLD Sheertone Shimmer Blush ?

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  1. looking pretty………i hv a Q….at what age you should start using anti aging and night creams ????
    i’m 23 year old and hv combination acne prone skin…….should i start using night cream???? if yes suggest any night cream

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