MAC Up The Amp Lipstick Review & Swatches


MAC Up The Amp Lipstick

Every weekend I place some of my favourite  MAC lipsticks in a basket for the coming week and pick every shade as per my mood or day.Now that days in Delhi are getting colder day by day my hand picks up darker lip shades often .

I would have never preferred wearing this shade in summers as I am too obsessed with nudes and hot pinks. Up the amp was purposely picked up for fall to brighten up those dark days when Sun doesn’t show up.


MAC Up the amp lipsticks+mac lipsticks


  • Price – INR 980
  • Texture – It’s amplified finish and therefore its super creamy and is highly pigmented. Even on extremely highly pigmented lips one needs to layer it more than once .
  • Staying Power – It stays for five hours easily and after a meal it leaves a tint behind which too stays for one hour.



MAC Up the amp lipsticks+mac lavender lipstick


MAC Up the Amp Lipstick Swatches:-

It’s a pinkish lavender shade which won’t be preferred by many, but those who are used to of this kind of a shade will love it. It’s a bright shade which will definitely make me stand out.It isn’t too dark that you won’t be able to carry it during the day .While wearing this shade one will need to think of pairing in the right manner.I generally tone down my eye makeup with this and blush used is quite subtle.


MAC Up the amp lipstick swatches



MAC Up the Amp Lipstick Lip Swatch:-

It makes my lip fuller too and you can see in the below  lip swatch that it isn’t too loud  purple too.
MAC Up the amp lipstick lipswatch+fall winter lipstick shade amc


It’s not usually me who will show you unkempt hair look but I just came out of after  a bath , applied Maybelline dream mousse foundation and picked this lipstick for the day as I needed some cheering after my baby kept me awake off and on throughout night.


MAC Up the amp lipsticks look


What I like about MAC Up The Amp Lipstick:-


  • Creamy and highly pigmented
  • Suits yellow skin tone girls although it is blue toned shade
  • Meant more for NC 36 – NC 42
  • Stays for 5-6 hours easily.


What I do not like about MAC Up the amp Lipstick:-

  • Shade might wash out girls darker than my skin tone.


Recommendation -MAC up the amp shade is a bold shade and should be bought by those who are fond of lavender kind of shade.On lighter skin tone purple will stand out more .It definitely will wash out darker skin tone.

Have you tried MAC Up The Amp Lipstick shade?


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  1. :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: What a beautiful shade. Ana.Looking awesome
    This is IN my list now. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  2. I actually like such shades but they dont suit me well :-(( Ure totally rocking it Ana! :yes: N that foundation photographs beautifully like u mentioned earlier 🙂

  3. very pretty shade..I found it to be very creamy so din pick it up coz it bleeds on my thin lips.:(..looks good on u though..btw which shade of the maybelline foundi u use?

  4. That’s quite a unique shade and although not dark, very bold would love to have one such in my stash :-)) just to stand out even when not wanting to go too loud :yes:


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