MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick Review and How to Wear The Classic Red In 3 Different Ways


What is d first thing that comes to your mind when I say red lips?


1.    Wow! I like red. Maybe I will wear it for some spl function
2.    It’s my favourite. Tell me which shade of red should I show off?
3.    Oh no! Are you nuts I don’t want to be dressed for a fancy dress sporting Marilyn Monroe
4.    It’s a classic! Maybe I will wear it when I am in my forties.
5.    Looks good on Divas. I cannot carry it off
Whatever may be your thought, we all secretly love this classic red lip color.



Mac Viva Glam 1 Review_Red Lip


My favourite red lipstick is MAC Viva Glam1. Coincidently it was my first MAC lipstick. Owning a MAC classic red lipstick is like a heirloom. You can write it down your will for your daughter.


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review+mac lip stick

Viva Glam 1 is a classic dark needed for those perfect statement lips. Perfect for day or night. It suits most skin tones but girls with very yellow undertone may prefer something on the lines of MAC Ruby Woo. (Sorry the lipstick being chipped and scratched. I dropped the lipstick while attempting to click the pictures. Butter fingers me :-P)



MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review Hand Swatch+mac viva glam


What I like about MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick :-

•    Color .Classic
•    Texture. Velvet
•    Not drying. Red on drylips look bad
•    Pigmentation-It doesn’t budge


What I dont like about MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick :-

•    Nothing. I am in love with it. I can never go wrong with it.

Let me share how I wear my MAC Viva Glam 1

1-Just Bitten Stain on Lips and Cheeks -Just rub the color on your finger and go dab dab dab on your well moistened lips and cheeks. Perfect for a casual look. This is an emergency trick. Try this with any hard shade of lipstick. These stains look fab.


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Just Bitten Stain on Lips and Cheeks+mac viva glam lipstick


2-Classic Diva – Its classic velvety lips.  Apt for day or night wear. Use your lip brush here. Go for one round of lip filling followed by a second round of shape correction, followed by the lip filling. Time for a kiss on a tissue. Refill again. Your lips are now drink proof, food proof and kiss proof.


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Classic Diva+viva glam i


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Classic Diva Lips+viva glam mac


3-Bombshell– This is hi-gloss statement lips. You could get the honey dipped lips with a super gloss. A great evening option. Follow the classic diva procedure. Dab on your favourite red lipgloss. Pucker up girls!!!


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Bombshell+viva glam


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Bombshell Lips+mac viva glam i

What’s your favourite Red Lipcolor??

Check out MAC Viva Glam iii here


MAC Vival glam +mac viva glam iii review+mac viva glam iii swatch

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  1. Whattttaaaa pout! By putting slivers of your face u r exuding a lit of mystery! But im convinced u gotta be a stunner!!! MBP the store itold u abt yesterday is called spoil me silly

    • Thanks Anamika, well my day regime is basically 3 steps but my night regime is elaborate. I blve that when the skin get the best time to rejuvenate. Will share the regime with everyone soon 🙂


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