MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara Review

MAC aka Makeup Art Cosmetics are known for their state-of-the-art cutting edge products that are loved and favored by professionals and consumers alike. MAC mascaras help complete that amazing smokey eye one has created giving it a dimension and enhancement.
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I got the MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara after a bit of researching to find the blackest mascara on the block, and this was an instant hit. With so many jet black mascaras in the market, this mascara holds a special place thanks to its formula. Unlike defined lashes I prefer a clumpy lashed look as it adds a bit of body to my thin lashes and thats what this mascara did.

What MAC says about MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

Deeply dark drama. Same as Zoom Lash but with Carbon Black pigment. Saturates lashes with the richest black ever. Creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions. Feels supple, light, flexible. Ultra scupted brush embraces and separates each lash, hugging every curve
  • PACKAGING -Comes in a nice matte black tube with MAC printed on it.The box talks about the contents and manufacturing etc. It has a tube and a wand.
  • PRICE:- 8 g for Rs.830 Prices may subject to vary
MAC Mascara zoom lash reviews+mac mascara reviews+MAC Zoom lash reviews
The wand is like a pine tree with spikes yet is soft. The bristles feel like Nylon and is similar to the Zoom lash wand. It yet covers and amplifies each lash to give volume and curl.
Formula is a semi solid goop of dark black carbon that feels quite gel like in texture.
 Without Mascara
MAC Zoomfast black lash without mascara+mac best mascara+best mascara reviews MAC
The mascara feel quite lightweight and does not weigh down lashes while giving volume and curl. There is a noticeable clumping which can be fixed with a lash comb though. The color pay off is amazing as you end up getting jet black lashes in the first application itself.
FIRST COAT – Dont expect this mascara to define the lashes as it is not made for that. The first coat gave considerable curling and volume while I applied a top coat and a base coat on the lashes to make them feel really heavy. With a heavy application the lashes did not droop or curl downwards.
MAC Zoomfast black lash one coat+MAC Zoom lash one coat of mascara reviews
SECOND COAT – Can be a bit tricky as the clumping could set in too much without controlled application. But that did not discourage me (online reviews from other sites) and after application of the second coat the lashes looked a bit lengthened and curled.
MAC Zoomfast black lash two coats+two coats of mascara reviews MAC
MAC Zoomfast black lash high definition+mac zoom lash mascara

PROS:MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara:-

  • Younger brother of Zoom lash
  • Intense black pigment makes it one of the best black mascaras in the market
  • Gives gorgeous volume, curves and length.

CONS:MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara:-

  • Pricey for normal daily use
  • Has tendency to clump of not applied properly. Could be a subjective error so why blame the mascara
If you dont  have a mascara and want to buy a new one, then do try this one once.
  • Application– 4/5
  • Packaging -5/5
  • Satisfaction– 4/5
  • Formula -5/5
  • Overall -4.5/5
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  1. One question..Neeraj?? does this even lengthen ur eye lashes.. my lashes r good in volume however they are not long , unlike urs, so I want something that can lenthen my lashes!

  2. ananannanannan :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  3. WOW Neeraj … am getting this right awayyyyyyy :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:
    thank you for the lovely review :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  4. As you have mentioned, the net is littered with reviews of this complaining about the clumping, hence I stayed away from it. But it looks pretty decent on you with a single coat. I’ll try this out at the store 😀

    • They clumpb becoz they try to apply several coats of this mascara…i prefer one or max two coats and not more than that..

      when they cannot apply the mascara they blame the brands. so go ahead and try it out!I also had read bad reviews

      • Not using any mascara these days since last 3-4 months Zara, at least not for office. Giving my lashes a break. I will most probably start using them in summer, when any obvious makeup like bright eyeliner looks lil overdone.

        But for marriages & evening parties I’m using Max Factor in Brown :).. it is almost nearing expiration – been using it for around 6 mnths now. I was earlier planning to get MUFE Smoky Lash as I have used it in the past & it gives awesome lashes, but then I read reviews that it dries up really fast.

        Which one are you using?

        • i have colossal volume, nyx long lash in brown and the DAL one…ive never used a high end mascara….wanted t try either volume million or false lash effect……which wud u suggest?

    • clumped up lashes may not look very nice especially with the spider legged appearance…but somehow thats how I prefer my mascara…U must try comb mascaras for definition…

  5. cool!!my lashes too tend t be too thin…m always on the look out for a good volumizing mascara…but i cant use one which clumps..majorly coz i wear specs 24/7 and when they clump they start flitting against the glass and irritates my eye 🙁 🙁 which do u think i shud try?

    btw..i so luv ur lashes..i keep telling myslef everytime i comment that i shud stop saying this since it must be getting old by now but i cant help it! they’re gorgeous!

    • i tried that out but didnt work at all. My lashes were continuously sticking to the eye lash curler and going haywire…

      Btw I am going to try out heated eye lash curlers that give lovely curls.They can be used with mascara on the lashes though.

      • Aww that sounds terrible! For me its just perfect, but then Ive only tried it with Estee lauder Magnascopic which by itself is absolutely stunning!
        Ive always been fascinated by the heated ones but they also scare me, having had a few flat iron burns earlier 🙁

  6. yep.. i too tried oriflame n never seemed to get it… wil get the max factor once my maybelline gets over..

    same here Ana.. bad cold n fever on me too… bunked office which is good 😉 refreshing myself wit some wiseshe reviews.. 😀


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