Magic Fruit Extract Range Saffron Fairness Massage Cream Review


What the product claims: – It’s a Nature’s Essence’ product. An ayurvedic massage cream with anti aging properties to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It counteracts dryness and improves texture


  • Size: 100 gm
  • Price: Rs 106/-
  • Main ingredients


  • Saffron helps in keeping the skin smooth and blemish-free while also making the skin fair and attractive. Apart from its beneficial effects on the skin, saffron is now discovered to have anti-carcinogenic properties.Honey fights against any kind of skin damage and ageing as it has antioxidant properties. It also helps to fight against the damage caused by sun’s UV rays.
  • Neem improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections, as in acne.
  • Pistachio nourishes, softens and hydrates the skin thanks to the vitamins it contains. It is easily absorbed by the skin and gives it a supple and soft nature.
  • Honey’s wax is a natural hydrating ingredient that increases skin’s essential moisture. Here I should tell that I didn’t get any exclusive result when I searched for “honey’s wax”. Everywhere beeswax was given so I am guessing they are same things.
  • Coconut‘s small molecular structure allows for easy absorption through the skin, giving it a soft, smooth texture. It makes an ideal ointment for the relief of dry, rough and wrinkled skin.
  • Triticum Sativum or Wheat nourishes and prevents loss of moisture from the skin. This protects the skin from scavenging free-radicals, prevents premature aging and reduces ultra violet rays induced damage. It helps in proper drainage of secretions from the sebaceous and other glands of the skin and thereby helps in preventing black heads.
  • Gelidium cartlagidum ( gelidium cartilagineum comes up when I searched and its used in slimming creams only , so I don’t know what this product does in a massage cream)
  • Brassica juncea or Mustard seeds improve blood circulation and skin texture. The oil is also antibacterial.

How to use – Massage gently for 5-7 min

My experience with magic fruit extract saffron care 

Once I thought of trying out nature’s essence products, there was no turning back. This very reasonable product range has some amazing gems. I am a sucker for saffron in beauty products. I haven’t found a cream which truly suited me. This cream ended that streak. I have been using this massage cream since a month, once or sometimes twice a week. The best thing that happened was when my brother said to me” what did you do? You are glowing….” God I tell you, that moment I became sure that its doing wonders.


What I liked  about magic fruit extract saffron care 

  • The product is reasonably priced.
  • Cream is very slightly pink in colour. The texture is neither so light nor so thick. It’s just perfect for massage.
  • It doesn’t make my skin too oily which generally happens when I use other creams. I have a combination skin type in winters and I don’t use massage cream in summers generally, when I am an oil factory.
  • The availability issue of the nature’s essence products is getting better. They are available online and in retail stores too.
  • Just look at the ingredients ladies….. Honey, pistachio, saffron, neem…

It makes my skin glowwwwwwww…….. My skin feels smooth, nourished and fresh. I have never seen effect like this. I have used VLCC platinum, chocolate, fruit facial kits and quite a lot of massage creams. But this was a total different experience for me.

One time, I massaged the skin for 4-5 minutes.  Then took body shop facial massager, dipped it in rose water, put a layer of cream on it and massaged my face for 2-3 minutes. It acted as a creamy scrub. I loved the effect. My skin didn’t feel oily at all. Just dewy fresh and clean.


What I did not like about  magic fruit extract saffron care

  • I don’t think it will suit oily skinned girls.

Over all, I liked this cream. After the disaster of VLCC lime gel; this was a boon for me.

Rating –  4/5

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  1. Going by the ingredients list, this is not going to suit oily skin like u mentioned 🙁 . Hav u used the VLCC saffron massage gel ashu? Hav heard rave reviews bout it

  2. HEy Ashu! lovely review! ive tried this too and its quite nice…it dint brighten me up as well as u, but it did help retain moisture…especially when my skin felt dry and rough.. :yes: :yes:

    • hey krupa. when i use it as scrub then i dont need to wash it. when i use it for normal massage then i apply pack afterwards. havent washed it anytime 🙂

  3. Ashu… you should become NAture E’s brand ambassdor!! I am sure because of you unka lacto wala cream must be posting super profits 😀 😀
    This really sounds like a magic product!! Btw Ashu where do you buy these?? I have asked around most pharmacies and H&G here (Bangalore) but to no vail 🙁 😥

    • you are so rright malini. they should send me free rpducts as gifts :dazed: i bought it from a shopping marlet. ya i know its not available everywher. 🙁 you ca nask people in your city. it might be available somewher. or online.

  4. wow another nature essence gem product .. my sister also uses their some hair color and she raves about it .. I am also hunting for lacto tan clear that was reviewed here didnt get it here … guess even i should a few of its stuff online. 🙂
    me too combi skin and winter turns me dry thanks for the fab review ashu 🙂

  5. Hi,

    I am having oily skin. when I wash my face it become dry and when I put on any cream it becomes oily.

    I have this magic fruit extract saffron care .

    how can i use it to get gud results.


  6. hi ashu
    this is avery nice product.I became so fair after using it.But i experience throat pain,palpitations and heaviness of chest after using it.ashu can u plz tell me whether anyone experience the same after using these fairness products

  7. hi hiiiiiiii 🙂 am so impressed abt ur review on tis prod..but i have oily skin 😥 i urgently need a fairness cream o not cmfrtable wid ponds,fair n lovely,olay,garnier n such stuffs..i want smething new to suit my oily skin n make it glow bright..pls do suggest..u r my only hope..i highly value ur opinion..



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