Magic Soft Contact Lenses From Geo Medical Company Limited

1017 colored contact lenses

I received few mails asking me about the coloured contact lenses which I have been using in my recent eye makeup tutorials. My obsession with coloured contacts started when Upasana reviewed two of them which she bought from Bausch and Lomb .You can read both of her reviews below:-

Bausch and Lomb Natural look Color Lenses Review

Bausch and Lomb Natural Look Color Lenses Review (Blue)

After a while Geo Medical company which is a Korean brand asked me to try out these lenses which excited me .While browsing the site, I had no clue how any of the lenses will look on me therefore I picked randomly one. They have a variety of lenses ranging from Magic circle lens, Super size lens, Image color lens to animation lens etc etc. They have these piercing circle lens which gives splendid images of stars, heart symbols etc

I don’ t remember which coloured shade I chose as it was long back. I guess it was CM 834 and CM 835. I was looking for lenses which looks natural and  don’t make me look like a drama queen 😀

GEO medical company limited lenses+coloured contact lenses India

My experience with Magic Soft Contact lenses:-

When I opened the lenses they appeared brown but turned out grey on me. In beginning, like every one, they caused  redness and some sort of itching  but with some practice I got used to them. I feel pretty comfortable wearing them and they don’t look odd on me.

coloured contact lenses+hazel contact lenses

Few things which I am  particular about while using them is washing my hands and sanitizing them, also making lot of use of lens solution. Initially I used the solution very miserly, thinking it might get finished soon but that just ruins the lenses and makes them hard and dry .

You can read the tips of how to maintain and use lenses here

soft coloured lenses+coloured contact lenses India+fresh look contact lenses

This is how it looks on me.

coloured contact lenses+geo contact lenses grey

If you have small eyes, then try our super size lens. I have seen some of the asian girls using it and they do make lot of difference.

Have you tried Colored contact lenses ? Which one looks the most natural and creates that Oomph factor?

Don’t forget to read hot Erica post of  How to choose colored contact lenses.


  1. OMG!!!

    uR Eyes is looking nashilee ..A! :beauty: :chic: :inlove: :lipstick:

    I wana try these lenses..hw much are they for??

    N lolz.. HOT ERICA post! 😛 Ty ty :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  2. oh sandhya u do get colour contacts with power na nowadays…but do take ur opthamalogist’s opinion.. :)..btw i wear power contacts too :-))


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