Mahima Chaudhary’s Beauty And Style Secrets

“I have a dry skin. As soon as I get up in the morning, I wash my face and apply moisturiser. I don’t do much make-up except for using kaajal and lipstick. I think lots of sleep, lots of water and the fact that I follow a vegetarian diet helps in keeping my skin clean. I keep changing my moisturiser and use different cleansers for my eyes and face.”
Mahima’s fashion must haves
Must haves: In western wear, I definitely need to have a pair of well fitted blue jeans. A pair of cargos is also a must. The colours of my cargo could range between khaki, maroon and grey.
An ethnic outfit, may be a sari or a salwar kameez, are also a must have.
Most comfortable in: I am most comfortable in my cargos. If I can combine them with a cap, I am in the highest comfort zone because it protects my hair and my skin. I think Diesel makes great cargos that fit rather well.
Evening wear: Jeans are normally a must for me in the evening. I like wearing jeans with a smart kurti or a nice top. I am also quite fond of short skirts. I could combine it with a full sleeves blouse. Footwear would have to be stilettoes.
Favourite dress: I have a really pretty black dress that has motifs on top. Although its not an Indian dress, the motifs give the ethnic Indian feel to it.
Most expensive dress: I have two sarees in my wardrobe. One is a skin colour sari by Rina Dhaka, and the other is an animal print by Tarun Tahiliani.
Daywear: Daywear could range from anything between a pair of jeans teamed with a white shirt, to a pair of lose cargo peddal pushers. I combine the above with a pair of slip on keds.
Accessories: I am crazy about wearing accessories. I have tons of them. Starting from friendship brands, to Buddhist beads and trinkets, you will spot me wearing all of them. I also like to wear bracelets, My favourite are diamond and gold ones.
Love to splurge on: I am crazy about sun glasses. If I am crossing a sun glass shop, I have to definitely buy a pair. I also buy loads of bags.
Most prized possession: It will have to be my house. I have been living in it for many years now and I have paid attention to minute details in its decor and furnishing.
Favourite designer: There is no particular designer. I buy whatever I like.
Love to shop in: I love shopping in USA. I think you get just about everything over there. Manhattan is one place I am very familiar with.
Style Mantra: Your style mantra speaks volumes about your personality, and unlike fashion, its not dictated by others. Its your own dictat that others around you find appealing.



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