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Hi Girls,

Alot of you have asked us time n time again for Blush tutorials…so we thought why not try t out. I’ve never done a tute before so pls excuse me if I’ve made any mistakes..Applying blush is now 2nd nature for me and it took alot to think once more like a beginner about placement, blending, etc…I hope his helps…

This is me without blush…hence the pale looking skin.. πŸ˜‰


Blush Tute before blush

Placement of Blush

Where you apply the blush usually depends on the shape of your face.Here’s a pic which will help you out determine where the blush is to be applied for your face shape.images

Another tip is to apply some blush on your temples as well for a more natural look. I have an oval face and trace the blush on my temples and cheeks in a ‘V’ shape or ‘C’ shape.Shapes to apply blush

Faces to make and not to make while applying blush


The pictures do speak for themselves but I’ve added some comments to help understand better.


  • The infamous Fish Face. Although this face is mostly used for contouring, it’s also used for blush application by many. But a common mistake made is to make an extreme fish face by sucking in the cheeks way too much. What this does is make the area to be blushed seem lower than it really is. As a result, when you finish applying blush and ‘un-fish- your cheeks, the blush will look as if applied lower than required. Best is to just turn your mouth slightly sideways in Madhuri Dixit’s “Humph!’ look.


  • Faces to make while applying blush 2



  • The Happy Face.  This is done to locate the apples of the cheeks. But what many people don’t realise is that when you make the smiley face, it moves the apples of the cheeks higher than they naturally are. As a result the blush color is applied lower on the face and in the end they look like their cheeks are saggy. So just make a mild smiley face and apply accordingly.


Faces to make while applying blush

Don’t go bonkers over Blending

For starters, there are 2 ways to blend:

  • Small circular motions: I use this method for blending and find it most comfortable. I just move the blush in small circular motions from the apples of my cheeks to the temples.
  • Tick mark shape (think Nike logo): Many say not to use this method while blending but there are many people who prefer this method. I think it’s more just about what one is comfy with.

how to apply blush



Also, never press the brush to hard against your skin. The blush won’t blend at all and will just look like a gash of concrete color on one area of your face.  Move the blush softly on your face and blend till it looks natural…Beware of overblending though…The usual method of identifying whether you’ve gone overboard is when you look in the mirror and feel like the blush is giving you an almost  burnt look. If you feel the edges are waay to harsh, take a clean brush and brush along the edges..You can even use your fingers instead.

Applied too much blush? Not to worry…

If you feel you’ve applied too much blush and it looks gaudy, don’t worry…A foolproof method to lighten it is to dust some compact/finishing powder over it. Depending on just how overboard I’ve gone, I use either Maybelline Dream Matte Compact (for when I overdo it too much) or MAC MSF Natural or Kryolan finishing powder for when I need to lighten it a tiny bit.


Blush tute3

Brushes to use

I use different brushes depending on whether I’m using a powder or cream blush. I do tend to use my fingers for cream blush most often though..with clean hands ofcourse..Blush brushes to use

For powder blush

For cream blush

Here’s how I look after applying blush…I love how fresh I look after applying blush..Its as if it breathes life into me!


The difference blush makes to the face


Hope this post would help all of you understand about blush and its application.

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  1. Kasam se Zara, thnx for the post and loved reading it and loved each n every pic of urs,
    superbly written and described.

    • Glad u liked it nav..m nt too gud at tutes n was kinda confused on wot t inclide n wot not to..hope i covered d essentials..

  2. aaaiiiiilllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………what a post…..!!!! I cant imagine how much u have worked for this post… hats off to u …:)

  3. Zeeee…this is is the bestest blush tute EVER! :hug-makeup: I mean it1 It was such fun to read n the effort u put into the pics and this post is commendable :worship: Soooo much better than boring tutes that just seem to boggle a beginner’s mind :hypnotized:

  4. its very useful for beginners like me zara, u explained neatly one after another detaily, gr8 review, bookmarked..

  5. Yaar the brushes which come with blushes r usually useless always…doesn’t allow for proper blending. Get a gud brush…for a cheaper option vega professional wud be gud…if u can find ambika pillai brushes anywhere online then buy that….it’s better..

      • Yea.. God knows y they bother with addin those brushes..instead companies shud mk an actual proper blush brush alag se..

  6. One word. Epic! Loved this tute so’ve cared to complete every aspect of blushing (literally!) to the pinnacle! Loved it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Wow Zara this tutorial is amazingly amazing!!!! Like really really! Thanks a lot dear… it clearly shows that you have put a lot of effort behind this. Thanks a lot… the pictures are awesome and really self explanatory… if only our textbooks had such illustrations!

  8. loved reading ur post Zara..its so useful..i have never tried using blushes though…but u r tempiting me now…. πŸ™‚

  9. OMG!!! This is Mother Of All The Tutorials!!!
    I’ve gotto bookmark this.
    And SUCH lovely pics Zee! You’ve got an extremely expressive face … And eyes, and lips, and cheeks.. ok stop! Hahahahaha


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