Make up brushes – Cleaning makeup brushes easily (Picture tutorial)

It is such a pain to clean make up brushes weekly.I have never managed to do that and this time when I went to MAC store the SA there gave me a great tip to clean them.SA told me that they use their brushes 100 times a day and if they started cleaning them every day they will end up spending two hours in cleaning only.
So to save time  she cleans them with baby wipes or facial wipes.I found the idea so interesting that I too tried it yesterday and it really worked.
Below are two of my make up brushes which I use frequently .One is my MAC foundation brush 190 and  other one is QVS powder brush. Even if I use them once the the foundation or the compact gets into them and when I re use them  previous used foundation is lying into it.
With the help of baby wipes work is too easy peasy 😀
This is the face wipe which is squeaky clean .Love using baby wipes. You can read different ways of using wipes here.
 Now begin stroking the makeup brushes with a fresh baby wipe.Be sure to wipe from the bottom of the brush to the tips.I tried not to disturb the delicate bristles by mating or twisting the hairs.Just gentle motion otherwise bristles of the brushes may become loose.

You can see all the foundation on the wipe.
Here are my clean brushes which needs little air drying .
Now place them on paper towel to air dry.
This is basically mild cleaning which can be done in a minute.This way you will not require to clean them frequently.
If you want to go for your heavy cleaning of the make up  brushes then take warm warm water in a mug , add baby shampoo and put the brushes into it.Clean the bristles with  your finger tips.

Put them on a soft towel and let them air dry .Your brushes are ready.

You can check out another way of cleaning makeup brushes here.


  1. What an excellent idea Anks! I didn't even think about this.. Will be very useful when I am on a trip & don't have time or space to clean brushes 🙂


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