Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil Review & Swatch

Hi Everyone,
Few days ago I did a review on MUFE  liquid lip color and  here is the lip pencil for that lip gloss πŸ™‚
WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS: The extremely waterproof texture of this pencil can be used to reshape and heighten lip contour.
Very long-lasting and non-transferable, it holds for hours even in extreme conditions. It is water and saliva resistant. It can be used on the entire mouth, after applying non-oily skincare on the lips (Lip Contour Skincare Pencil). The range of matte shades offers natural harmonies in matching tones and other more intense colors.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil review +Makup for every lip liner
  • PRICE: $18.00
  • QUANTITY: 1.2 gm
  • SHADE: 14c light rose wood.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil  Review & Swatch+Makeup for ever+aqua lip liner review
  • TEXTURE: It has a matte but creamy texture which glides on the lips easily.
  • PIGMENTATION: It is nicely pigmented. You  can see in the pic, right one is a single swipe and left one is double swipe. i don’t think there is a lot of difference.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil  swatches+makeup for ever+MUFE PRODUCT REVIEWS
Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil  fotd+MAKEUP for ever aqua lip liner
  • STAYING POWER: I must say its staying power is amazing and wearing it under the lip gloss almost doubles it’s staying power. It can easily stay on your  lips for almost 4-5 hrs then fade’s away evenly. It is amazingly waterproof. I once swatched it on my hand and washed the utencils  after two hours but it was still there for more one hour or so. Just imagine!  if it can stay on the hand for such a long time even after I did so many things than on lips it will stay for more than  five hrs easily.

I just love this pencil.It’s texture,staying power and the color can flatter any girl.In the above  pic I  have worn the liquid lip color over it, which i reviewed few days ago.
PROS:Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil  
  • Staying power is amazing.
  • The texture is not too hard and not too creamy.
  • The shade will suit every skin tone.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Extremely waterproof.
  • Does what it claims.
CONS:Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil  
  • Too pricey .
  • I don’t find any cons in this pencil. I love everything about it but the price.

WILL I REPURCHASE IT:  NO, Although I simply loved it but i think other brands give better options out there  at lot more cheaper price.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS: I don’t think any one would be interested in spending $18 on a lip pencil. but if you are  really a lip pencil lover and can’t do without it  then go for it. It will not disappoint you.

OVER ALL RATING: 4 /5(one point deducted for the crazy price)

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  1. am sorry about the clarity of the pics, actually i had to click them myself and my hands started shivering, and ended up taking blurred pics.
    hi mitra, name of this shade is light rose wood.. and the pencil is known as aqua lip pencil..


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