Make up look-Brown with a dash of green


Its raining and every where I see greenery here and then the weather makes green more lively too.I was going out with my friends at night so I thought of green again.Its a pretty simple look which makes my eyes look bigger as green in it attracts lot of attention.


Like my previous pink look I just comb my front hair.Some how it just takes no time and therefore I like it and also it gives a fresh from the shower feeling to me.Also this is an every day look so I have chose brown as my base color.

For my face I used-    
Applied toner and a moisturizer and then used Mac studio fix fluid SPF15 foundation and Studio Mac Fix compact.


For eyes- For eye primer I applied some baby powder and foundation over it.
For brown -I used Maybelline Expert wear eye shadow .
I used two eye shadows
1.Emerald Isle which has beautiful shades of green
2.Chai Latte
For lining my eyes I used Shahnaz Kajal and used Shahnaz eyeliner
For mascara Used loreal Extra -Volume Collagene waterproof mascara.Review here.
Filled my brows with black and brown eye shadows.(My eye brows needs trimming and I am surely going to do them up today)
Below my lower lash line I applied green eye shadow.

I covered my half lid with a brow bone highlighter.I have used the same color under my brow bone too.I wish it could some what  match my skin tone but i don’t have that kind of eye shadow.
Applied chocolate brown on my outer V.

If you notice my eye liner I have applied in an angled form like a small plateau or a mountain.This makes eyes look bigger and more defined.

I used blush number 03.Review here
For my lips I used Color bar Long stay Lipstick 006 Terra

That is it ..I am done with my monsoon look:)


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  1. Anamika I envy your looks..:PThis green has really poped up the eyes and there are so many pending make up products which you have to review…u dont do it so that I don land up looking better than you 😛

  2. loz….I am too lazy when it comes to product review but when ever I do my loook I always think of the same thing …I have posted so many things on this website because I want u too look ravishing and don forget now your hair dont fall..Love Anamika

  3. Hey Tanz..I though like various color on my eyes but when you see people hardly wearing any make up on their eyes I avoid it..i don want to end up looking strange or out of league..wish i could have friends like you who will wear bright red lipstick and enjoy it:)

  4. I agree.. Sometimes even I start to feel out of sorts when I am surrounded by people for whom lip balm = makeup & that's it.

  5. yaa and then people who just line their eye brows with a harsh black pencil and that is it…they scare me…i some time wish to wipe off their jet black eye brow pencil..

  6. Dear Anamika,Its great seeing you. You are so pretty. One look at your face and I am all in to try your tips.Good going buddy.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  7. He He Thanks Shiva,But trust me I am not that pretty..I have my usual good and bad skin days..I only do my make up look when there are good days..of course the tricks do helps a lot;)

  8. also , we woman generally tend to ignore make up but i guess that is the only thing which make woman look actually pretty..:D

  9. ohhh !!! look who is here…nice to see you here…:)and i heard you too are cooking :O nowadays..he he..this reminds me of your onion chopping 😀


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