Make-Up Must Haves for Teens


Hi ladies,

It is a well known fact that teenagers are the most confused creatures on earth, it takes you all your teens to understand how to understand yourself πŸ˜€ hope am making some sense here πŸ˜› well, at least for me that was the case, and being a make-up junkie since childhood πŸ˜› I was much experimental with cosmetics in my teens, i would do my eyes heavily, never stepping out with out an eyeliner, from using face  powders in shades that are no where even close to my skin to using lip colors like plums and browns and what not. Make-up is one such department where one gets the whole freedom to experiment with whatever they want, but still, there are a few basic products which are must have for everyone. Well, today am here to help all those confused teens like me out there.

Lets get to the points quickly.

Foundation: At this stage you don’t need any foundations, mark my words when I say this, that is going to mask off all your innocent youth, ok if really need to use foundation, go for very light water based foundations.

Color corrector: This is one miracle product which is still undiscovered by many, a lot of us have acne marks, redness around nose etc., that can’t be completely concealed by the concealer and this actually aids the concealer in concealing them better (:-P that was much o.O) and is a must have in everyone’s kitty. To know more about color correctors, click  on this link

How To Make Orange Color Corrector And Hide Darkcircles,Blemishes etc

make up color correstor

Concealer: girls, concealer is your best friend. Use creamy concealers and color correctors.

Eye pencils: Having a few colored eye pencils in your lil kitty is not a bad idea. At this point of your life, you have the freedom to play with as many colors as you want. Make the most of it and splurge on some funky colorful eye pencils.


  • Mascara: You fancy that fresh awake look? Mascara is your magic wand. Go for clear mascaras on daily basis and heavy, colored mascara only When you want extra attention to your eyes. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express 9.2 ml is a good choice for beginners who may not like dramatic eyes that much.


  • Pink matte lipstick: When I say matte, I mean matte, I know, matte lippies are not a good choice for young girls, but you get a good deal with them. Matte lip colors are usually long staying than glossy ones, So you don’t need to bother about touch-ups. Use it at it’s full intensity or as a stain as per your preference (my experience says matte lippies make better lip stains) And top it with your favorite gloss to add extra oomph. Go for a peach based pink if you prefer more natural look.You can go for colorbar lipstick for this..They are affordable and wide variety of shades are available in it and cost just INR 309.
  • Clear gloss: this is one thing you should always have with you. it’s a life saver, top it on your favorite lip color or use it on it’s own.
  • Peach blush: Yes, PEACH and not PINK girls, peach blushes are the most natural looking, the give you just the glow you require at this age.


Translucent powder: your skin is more on the oilier side during teens, it’s really tough to keep that shine away for long, and you don’t want to end looking all caked up with those numerous touch-ups, here’s when the translucent powders come to rescue. It controls shine, keeps you looking fresh without appearing cakey or made-up.

Stippling brush: This thing works like a charm, it’s a must in your kitty as it give you the most natural looking finish with you foundations and blushes, get one for yourself.


Eyelash curler: This is another must have tool in your make-up kit, it not only helps curl your lashes but also opens up your eyes and lift your face all in one go.Vega eye lash curler is not bad for beginners and cost just INR 108.You can but it from here

That’s all for today pretty ladies, and this is just what a basic make-up kit should be like. Rest, you know what suits you the best and you have the freedom to experiment,  you can keep on building your kit πŸ™‚ hope that helps, go ahead πŸ˜€

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  1. nice article shale, really loved it, but i feel a teen wont require so many stuff, like eye lash curler, corrector and stippling brush, i would love to add B B cream, liquid liners, and compact in the list, for teens. instead of stippling brush, a powder brush would be useful for them.

      • i think in india, teens still are ok with a lakme or revlon foundation, but correctors would be too much, and all such stuff are not even accessible and affordable,but its my opinion, do we hv any teenage girl out here, i would love to know too what teens here follow these days

        • πŸ˜› I just stepped out of teens and thought this is the best time for me to do this post πŸ˜› well tat was just what I followed, except the stippling brush. But that’s me πŸ˜› over obsessed with makeup πŸ˜€

  2. BB cream came in market few years back.. when I was a teen there was no B sign for BB creams πŸ˜€

    Lolz.. but now adays teens have so many options na.. mujhe to yeh sab kuch bhi nahi pata tha Shale πŸ˜› I used to use A Kohl, eyeliner and a lakme compact powder. :/ mujhe to kuch year pehle yeh bhi nhi pata tha wat is stippling brush is πŸ˜› :S and still I m scared of using Eye Lash Curlers I am with u Tarun and Shweta Di.. πŸ˜› those are out of my list.. :/ πŸ™

  3. Well written…err typed, Shale πŸ˜€ :yes: I’d like to add BB creams n tinted lip balm to d list πŸ™‚ I really wish we had BB creams back when I was a teen. Had to go thru a few foundation-blunders back then :blush:

  4. Lovely post, you should have posted this 5 years back πŸ˜›

    Will take your suggestions for my sis atleast. I liked your tip of using clear-mascara πŸ™‚

    • I was like a duck quacking and running here and there 5 years ago πŸ˜› experimenting with different cosmetics even when i was not allowed to πŸ˜€ I wish somebody was there to tell me all this five years ago, I might have started my teenage more sensibly πŸ˜€ lmao

  5. Supeeb shale! Teen years r filled wid so much confusion over what makeup t use wiyhout d dangers f goin overboard..perfect this is…a bible post!


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