Make up tip – Blush for dark or wheatish skin


 By Nancy , 

Blush adds the final touch to the perfect make up and plays an essential role in crowning the over all make up look.Few colours blushes which suits dark or wheatish skin the most are deep orange, coral shades as well as rose .

Also dark skin tone can dazzle up in evening  by adding a tint of gold to your makeup.
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  1. hahahaha… i remember my childhood days..!! when i wanted to copy my mom or my aunts..!! i used lipstick and powder all over my face..!! 😛

  2. i really dont understand the use of blush 🙁 how does it make a difference if i use or i dont use ??
    plz put a pic of complete makeup but one with blush and one without blush… for not-so-expert in makeup gals like me 😛
    i always think it does not make much of diff… make up for me means…eye make up only i hv 3 blushes but never used them so i m curious to know and want to use them
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