Make up tips-Blush on the chin



Avoid using blush on your chin if the skin on your neck is lighter than on your face as it makes the difference more apparent.


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  1. hey haven't seen you around lately..hope you are doing fine :)oh! and i do this mistake so very often.thanks for pointing out..also can you tell something about the right trick to put blush is the only form of make up i use and i want to be sure that iam doing it right. thanks:)

  2. @ Maki-You have similar tone face and neck skin ..i guess it will suit you only :)@ Sovina-Hey even i was wonder where you have been.I don see any post form yur side or is there some problem with my blogger ..will check out today..blush trick is pretty simple sovina.Too apply, smile to identify the apples of your cheeks. Starting there, apply your blush in small sweeping motions that blend back toward the hairline.You can read info for further info


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