Make up tips by experts and actress Isha Sharwani

Few days back I was going through the newspaper and found some tips given by some of the popular celebrity make up artist. I found them pretty interesting so thought of sharing with you all.
Bharat Godambe, celebrity make-up artist, says,You should wear make-up in such a way that no one should feel that you are wearing it. You must wear make-up to enhance your good features like eyes, lips and cheeks. Minimum make-up works great.
Cosmetologist and skin expert Rohini Wadhwa says, Your make-up should ‘whisper and not shout’.These days a ˜nude make-up or â natural make-up  is popular for this very reason. Discard all the make-up which is older than two years.
Skin expert Prue Rajan says, One must follow a basic make-up ritual before application of the cosmetics and that is wash your face with a good face-wash. Tone and moisturise your skin and also use a good sun-screen lotion.” Actor Isha Sharwani wears make-up only while she is shooting “I prefer to keep my make-up light and natural.
Make-up for me is just a base with some kajal and lipstick. I don’t believe in blocking my pores with heavy make-up as thats the reason for all skin problems. I also do natural therapies of almond paste and milk to keep my skin fresh.I also wash my face with just water few times a day to keep my pores clean. As soon as my shoot ends, I immediately remove the make-up with a natural cleanser and use a toner after that, she ends.
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