Make up tips-Concealer application


If you are using liquid foundation then it is better to go for it before the concealer otherwise smudging and removing of concealer can take place.On the other hand if one is using powder or mineral foundation then it is advisable to apply concealer first and then the foundation.


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  2. Good tip Anamika! thanks
    Sonia – Shiseido has pencil, stick and one more type of concealer – the pencil works great for small areas; MAC's studio fix concealer with spf is ultimate. (reviewing both shortly)
    Am waiting to try TBS one too.

  3. Hey anamika! I am always too scared to use a concealer as I don't want my face to look cakey. I'll try this tip and see how it goes!

  4. Do let me know how it turns out..

    and u r not suppose to be awake at this time when u r pregnant:P chalo go to sleep:P
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  5. Nice tip Anamika! I’m a complete newbie to make up. Din’t know that concealer could be applied on top of liquid foundation… will try it out.


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