Make up tips – Concealer for dark circles


By Manisha,

You can add some yellow eye shadow on to your foundation or concealer while trying to hide dark circles.This will result in better color shades for your dark circles after concealing

Concealers are the concentrates (thick/runny/creamy) which are heavily pigmented and are supposed to give a uniform coverage on specific areas. These areas are dark circles, blemishes, redness, uneven patchy skin, blue/green veins. Therefore, there are a lot of different types of them to cater to different needs and different skin tones. A few of them are color correctors, for e.g if you have redness due toacne, pimple, rosacea then you can use a green color corrector (it can also be a green colored primer, for e.g NYX studio perfect primer, which is available online). Similarly if you have extremely pale and dull skin (most of us are pale) then a purple color corrector can help you out (nyx has 3 primers, clear/green/lavender).

  • Green: To correct redness.
  • Lavender/purple: To correct yellowness and dullness.
  • Yellow: To correct dark circles, bruises or even blemishes.
  • Peach: To correct any dark veins, spots and even sometimes dark circles.
  • Dark shades: To do soft contouring.
  • White/Light shades: To illuminate face areas, such as highlighting nose bridge or temples of cheeks.


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