Make up tips-Makeup powder

Benefit of make up powder is that it helps in removing the extra shine from the face.It must be applied after the foundation and concelaer has been properly bleneded.The right way to apply makeup powder is to touch the full end of the brush into the loose pwoder and then knock off the excess from the brush .One should use the same up and down motion  similar to the  way foundation is applied.
Women who are mostly out can keep a pressed compact with them and apply it on shiny areas of their face where make up started to thinned.This gives a great coverage and freshen up the face again.
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  1. I first use to avoid knocking off the powder from the blush and after applying it on my face it use to get powdery at some places and light at some..This tip has really helped me Anamika.

  2. Knocking off the excess from blush and powder is important thing Gunjan..If you wantch any youtube video you will find all make up gurus doing it:)I am glad you knew about the tip:)


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