Make up tricks to make you look naturally beautiful


Some women have a habit of putting so much of make up on that they end up looking like a mannequin. To avoid it most of us land up having a completely bare look.But One can look like a natural beauty and it depends upon how you choose your make up.




Below are few tips which will help you out in getting a glowing face.

Concealer and foundation-
In order to hide blemishes or to get a white skin tone many women go overboard with the foundation. If you look at Celina Jaitley she looks so cakey where as if you look at Priyanka Chopra or Lara dutta they always look fresh, glowing and natural.
To get that kind of look opt for tinted moisturizer as it blends well in the skin and moisturize it so that one can hardly notice it. If you want to hide blemishes or prefer heavier coverage then always choose a concelaer which blends with your skin. Put a dot over your spots and then finish with a tinted moisturizer for a lighter look.
*Concealers which have yellow undertones are considered best to hide skin blemishes.
Eyes-For long and thick eye lashes use clear mascara. Clear mascara will add lot of volume to your hair without making it looking too much.
*Apply little foundation on your lids .This tends to give little boost to your eyes and brightens them up. Always choose an eye shadow that enhances your eye color. Those will green or blue eyes can go with pink and brown shadows and brown eyes go well with dark shades.
*To have a natural looking eye liner opt for brown or charcoal grey instead of black one.
Lips-If you want your mouth to stand out without making it look too bright then avoid glittery or super glossy lipstick which tends to make you loop made up.
To find the right color for your lips bite your lips and see what the color comes up. Match your lipstick with that. It will look completely natural.
Blush-Blush should give a natural glow to your cheek bones and therefore one should not over do it. Your eyes or mouth should fetch attention and not your cheek bones.
To get the right shade for your cheek bone check the color after doing bit of exercising or you can pinch them to bring the right color. Always keep it light as It should be kind of a dusting.
Natural make up can be carried easily every day and makes you look your best. People will ask you the secret of looking fresh and you your self will be confident to face the world.
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