Make up tricks when in hurry


If you are in one those who doesnt have the time to spend hours in front of the mirror but do not want to completely avoid it either then these tips can help you out.


*When you wash your face pat your cheeks and for heads with bare hands.This will bring little pink on your face.Immediately apply a concealer to avoid dark circles or blemishes.

*If your eyes looks tired and you have a long day ahead then trace your top lashes and the outer corner of your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner.

*Use red or pink lipstick .This will draw away the attention from the blemishes or imperfection of the skin. You will look more awake and cheerful.

*If you don’t have time to apply fresh coats of polish on your nails then just remove the polish and rub some lotion into your cuticles. Go polish free it will look good sometime.

*If you are in hurry then rub some hair conditioner on your body. Conditioner though is meant for hair but it works fine as a moisturizer for skin.

*If your hair is looking a little too greasy then sprinkle some baby powder and brush it off from root to tip.

*When in hurry just use a light toner and pat your skin with a tissue. This will instantly brighten your skin .Just dust some powder on your skin and you will have a bright glow on your skin.

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