Makeover Tips For Women


Makeover Tips For Women

Bored with life? Need to get over a bad break up? Have you been looking the same way for since like eternity? Need to feel good about yourself? Well my beauties, I am sure many of you have gone through at least one of these emotions at some point of time or the other. You have stood there staring at the mirror trying to figure out what exactly the change that you can make to your appearance that is going make you fall in love with yourself once again. Right?

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Well for you, here are some makeover tips that you might find useful.


The most simple  yet effective way of transformation is perhaps getting a hair cut. Proper  haircut can do tons to change your look in a matter of minutes. It can take the ages of your face, making you look younger and prettier. Consult your hairstylist for this. Discuss what sort of look will suit you. if you have a heavy round face then get a cut that covers parts of your cheeks, so that the face looks smaller. If you happen to have a big forehead then you can have fringes to cover it up. Just go ahead and experiment with it. And if you are scared that you will lose the  length that you have always loved, then explain that to your stylist so that the person can give a cut accordingly.


Getting a hair cut does not mean you lose your length completely. Nothing can be worse than a drab boring length of hair. Go out and experiment.


Next comes your wardrobe. Stop wearing boring dull colours. There are just absolutely so many colours for you to choose from. But before you start choosing colours, finds out which colour suits you according to your skin undertone and complexion. Wearing the wrongs colours can actually ruin your effort complete. One can divide the skin undertone in three categories, warm, cool and neutral. Gold, yellow, orange, brown copper, green, etc  are some of the colours for the warm skin toned people, basically you have to choose colours that have a hint of yellow in them. And for the cool toned people choose colours with a hint of blue in them. Neutral tones ones are lucky as both warm and cool colours suit them.


Once you are done choosing the colours, it’s time to choose the right clothes. In this case, try an push yourself out of the comfort zone a bit. That is the whole point of getting a makeover after all. Remember you have the confidence then you can carry of everything. Try and get to know the best features of your body and try to enhance them. Some may have nice broad shoulders, so go for something like a boat neck cut that will enhance the area. But if you have problems like a bulging tummy flab, then wear clothes that are not too tight n that are, or wear something that cleverly hides that area and instead shifts the focus to the lower of upper part of your body. Most importantly you should break through the type that you have wearing till date and try on something new.


Accessorising is important. Even something as simple as a colour beaded neck piece can do tons to enhance the look. Plus it adds an element of fun into your look.

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Go for neck pieces or big dangler, or even bracelets.


Hairdo is as important part of the makeover as the rest. Now suppose you manage to get a good haircut the end up tying it up in a top bun, then what was the point of getting that haircut, right? So try braiding it up in a new way, or go for a messy bun, which can give you that carelessly perfect look. Experiment! A look is not just about putting on makeup, it is the complete process that is important.


Next comes the makeup. Which is extremely important. Understand that putting on makeup doesn’t mean that you are faking it. It only means that you are going that extra mile to make yourself look even more gorgeous. So first of all find out what are the colours that suit you. That will make it much easier for you to choose the right shades for yourself. A dash of colour on your lips and a dab on the cheeks can actually take you entire look to a different look altogether.

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With this pay attention to areas like your eyebrow, make sure they are in perfect shape, for an eyebrow can make or break an entire look. Get them threaded or plucked, use some shimmer on the brow-bone to enhance the eyes. Experiment with liner looks.

Now these were some of the basic makeover tips that you can apply to bring on some changes in your present look. But what is more important is for you to feel that change from within. And once you have achieved that you will have achieved a true makeover.

Do you have more make over tips to share?

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