Makeup Advice For Teen Girls


Makeup Advice For Teen Girls

I remember how our teenage used to be when we were totally in the clutches of our elders and we never bothered about makeup. But today with the changing times, we have seen the transition of makeup from being a to-do for outings to a daily regimen. Well, we have to change with time so we better accept it in order not to be an odd one out from the society.

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Today, I am bringing to you some make up tips for the teenaged girls which can come in handy thereby keeping their skin healthy and prepared for the outer-teen ages.

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Less is more!

At this tender age, less is considered to be more and makeup should be applied only when required and if at all it is required to be done on a daily basis, it should be selectively done avoiding using some of the products as they are not at all required.

First step to begin with a makeup is to apply moisturizer to your face. Also, wash your face with water before moisturizer to have the moisture content appropriate and adequate enough to keep it from drying. Now, begin with the makeup procedure beginning with the concealer. Concealer is very much required since it helps to hide the blemishes and breakouts which are most common at this age. Do use the correct concealer as suited to your skin.

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Consider not using the foundation since the skin at this age is tender and there is as such no need of applying foundation or primer. But still, if you find the need to do so, apply a light foundation which does not hamper your skin. If your skin is oily, do not use a normal skin foundation as it may lead to breakouts which are more common during teenage.

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Less Powder

Compact also is required only if you have an oily skin type. In case not, do not use the powder as it is not serving any useful purpose on your skin. It is mainly require blending in the extra oil which you already do not have.

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Now for your eyes, try applying the eye liner, kohl and the mascara only which are required in the best of amounts to keep the charm ready. Over doing may spoil the innocence and under doing might not even look good.

For the lips, avoid lip sticks and other hard colors and go for only gloss. This is because at this age, your lips do not need pigmentation; they only need some bit of sheen and moisture which is quite good to be taken from the gloss itself. Chap sticks are also good at this age and can be used for dry lips.

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Natural Shades

If you are inclined towards eye shadows, use some natural and bright colors to look the age you are. Many girls make it a habit to use the elderly colors like dark golden or green. It  looks awkward at this age in particular. In case you want to play with fun colors, go for more of blues otherwise natural is fine. Though applying it on regular basis might ruin your skin under your brow.

Blushes should be avoided at this age. In case you want to go for them, apply more of natural shades. Do not forget to remove your makeup at night to avoid dryness of skin. Your skin is healthy and beautiful at this age. So while building a regime for skin care is good, ruining it using wrong products and habits needs to be avoided.

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Hope you like these makeup tips for the naturally beautiful teens. So that the innocence of the face doesn’t fade with over use of makeup products!

What are your favorite teen makeup tips?

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