Makeup and Beauty Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


Makeup and Beauty Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


We love this girl. She looks like a princess and even her name makes her seem so. Her flawless caramel skin, flowing, thick tresses and svelte body are her assets. Lets take a look at what Chitrangada does to look like what she looks like 🙂

Makeup Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


chitrangada singh beauty regime

Her makeup is minimal. You will not see her heavily done up most of the time. Her favourite thing in vanity is kajal. We seldom see her without kohl. She also believes that well defined eyebrows add definition to the face. She likes to frame her face with groomed eyebrows using a good brow-kit.
In makeup, she likes Estee Lauder Products.

Skin Care Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


chitrangada singh beauty secrets

Most of us know that she never uses soaps or facewashes to wash her face. Apart from daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing, Chitragada likes to cleanse her face with besan (gram flour) or papaya. She attributes her glowing skin to these to natural things.

Chitrangada never goes for facial as she believes that a monthly-thing can’t do much for your skin. She still goes to spas though to get body scrubs and massages. She loves her spa sessions.

Hydration is very important for her and she loves water-therapy.

She removes her makeup religiously before hitting the bed. Chitrangada likes Lancôme creams for her skin and she likes to keep her moisturized always.

When it comes to skincare products, she believes in checking the labels properly and uses only organic products. Chitrangada says that 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for glowing skin.

Her favourite perfumes are from Chloe.

Hair Care Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


chitrangada singh beauty tips

Her lustrous hair is a result of regular massages with coconut oil. She has to use various styling products when shooting and coconut oil is the best way to keep all the harmful effects at bay. She finds oiling very trendy an never compromises on that.

Chitrangada uses a mild shampoo thrice a week and lets her hair air dry. She does not like to use blow-dryers.

Fitness Secrets of Chitrangada Singh


chitrangada singh fitness secrets

Here too she has a favourite routine. She loves kickboxing to stay fit. She even attributes her head-to-toe glowing skin to regular workouts. She does not do other weight and strength exercises usually. Chitrangada believes that kickboxing has given her not only sexy legs and toned body but it also helps in alleviating stress.

Chitrangada does not believe in starving herself. She believes that you need energy to lead a balanced life. She starts her day with 10-12 soaked-almonds and a glass of fresh fruit juice. For breakfast she has egg whites, a toast and fruits. Sometimes she likes to take 2 boiled eggs or an omelette sandwich along with a glass of cold coffee.

She keeps her lunch heavy but no oil goes in. In the evenings I munch on she takes a fruit or some digestive biscuits and drinks more cold coffee. She likes to have her dinner early. In her dinner she usually takes a bowl of soup, roti, green vegetables, grilled chicken/fish or a bowl of dal.

She loves desserts but eats them only occasionally.

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  1. She is really gorgeous. .I like her. But one thing from most of the celebs who say that they don’t use facewash or soap. .. How does just a makeup remover and besan suffice??!!! Does it not leave the face wanting a little lather! Just a thought..


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