Makeup and Beauty Secrets of Madhuri Dixit


 Makeup and Beauty Secrets of Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit has ruled the hearts of not only Indians but of people all over the world. Her smile and dancing skills apart from her acting won her a huge fan following.
She was bubbly in her youth and now when she is in her late forties, Madhuri comes across as gracious. She is ageing beautifully and believes that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Her mantra to look beautiful is to stay happy and do what keeps you happy.


I’ve dug some of her beauty secrets and here they are

Makeup Secrets of Madhuri Dixit

It is surprising but the diva who can get anything with just a click of her fingers, has no favourite brands when it comes to makeup. She is OK with any brand but apart from shooting, her makeup essentials are minimal.

She likes to carry only lip gloss and eyeliner in her vanity. She believes in steering clear of makeup most of the time so that you don’t need to use much of that when you have to put some on.

Skincare Secrets of Madhuri Dixit


beauty secrets of Madhuri dixit

Her glowing skin is a proof of good maintenance. She cleanses her skin twice a day. In morning she likes to follow up with a serum while before bed, she likes to use a good night cream.
According to Madhuri, proper moisturizing is the key to a youthful radiant skin. She also advise wearing SPF all the time.
Issey Miyake perfumes are her all time favourites.

Hair Care secrets of Madhuri Dixit


hair care secret of madhuri dixit

Madhuri follows the simple oil, shampoo and condition routine to maintain her tresses. She advises oiling your hair before every wash. Her favourite hair oil is a mixture of olive oil and castor oil in equal quantities. When it comes to shampoo, she likes to use the mild ones. Madhuri likes to use homemade conditioners and prefers to use banana, mayonnaise or any other good fruit to condition her hair.

After a wash, she suggests using a good hair serum or mousse for soft, shiny hair.

Fitness Secrets of Madhuri Dixit


fitness secrets of madhuri dixit

We all know about her love for dance and this is also her favourite exercise. She works out six days a week. According to Madhuri, proper sleep is a must for good health.
Madhuri is a believer of 5-6 small and healthy meals throughout the day. She also takes supplements of essential nutrients to take care of her health. She does not believe in fad diets.

So girls! Those were some of the beauty rituals of Madhuri Dixit. Follow what you like.

Did you know about beauty and fitness secrets of Madhuri Dixit?

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