Makeup and Hair Combinations that work best


Makeup and Hair Combinations that work best

Hello everyone,

Today I am here with a very useful article. We have always focused on what makeup works the best, and what hairstyle works the best. Little did we focus on what makeup should go along with what hairstyle?

I hope you get my point. Getting the combination of the makeup and the hair style right can actually make your look score extra points and make you look no less than a style diva.

beautiful puff hairstyles (8)

We love beach waves, but do they get along with red pout? This post will cater to questions like this. Dig in to know more.

Loose waves with bold lip

Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte Lip Tint Magenta Magic lip swatch

We are aware that with bold lip the eye makeup has got to be very minimal, and so does the face makeup. With a bold lip you should focus on keeping your tresses too a low-key matter. Try pairing bold lips with wavy locks.
You may try experimenting with center or side parted waves to give an impression of you not trying too hard for the look.

Glowy cheeks with pulled back hair

messy bun braid

An all-natural look is one look that we love to carry on most days. An understated lit-from-within glow suits every age and skin tone. This look is a complete natural glowy look with no smoky eyes, or heavy face makeup. This look looks best with a chignon, a messy twist, or a half-up hair style. The idea here is to allow your cheeks to be the focus, and let not the hairstyle deviate the attention.

Smoky eyes with sleek hairstyle

priyanka in side cut black dress

A smoky eye makeup look is a very sultry and bold makeup look. The key to nail any look is to let only one feature be the focus. With a smoky eye makeup, I am sure you do not intend to make your hairstyle to race around and compete. It is always best to opt for polished, sleek, and close to the head kind of hairstyle.

A retro lob with a Cat’s eye

Makeup Trends In _60s -Shrimpton hairstyle

We love vintage trends. There is nothing better than a clean cat eye liner on your eyes, paired with a retro lob. This can be even more amazing if the retro lob also has some bangs.

Red pout with a top knot


Red pout can bring up any dull face, and hit your party mood on. With a red pout you can always pair a top knot when you intend to create a messy, yet edgy look. This is one hit trend these days.

Nude makeup with beach waves


We love nude makeup and also the beach waves. Have you ever thought of getting them together? Honestly together they make for a really hot combo. This looks has a total carefree appeal.

These were my most preferred combinations of hairstyles and makeup. Of course Indian wedding looks and the traditional looks beat almost all makeup norms, and which is why we have not discussed it here. The french buns and the other clean updos too vary from attire to attire, and this being the reason we have not discussed them here, may we can have a talk about them later.

These are the looks you can try with ease and yet keep your diva soul up on spirits. What is your favorite combo of makeup and hairstyle?


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