Makeup Application: Fingers Vs Makeup Brushes


Makeup Application: Fingers Vs Makeup Brushes

This is the dilemma that many of us face! Applying makeup is an art that we absolutely love and like any other creative thing, there is no one way to do your makeup. Some people love their makeup tools while others prefer fingers. Both these ways have their own importance and the results are different.

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First let’s see how these techniques differ-

Makeup Application With Fingers


The most important thing when using fingers for makeup is to ensure that your hands are perfectly clean. You can apply everything from primer to lip color with your fingers. The warmth of skin makes blending makeup easy and also gives a natural look. The ‘undone’ trend in makeup is best achieved with fingers. You can use your index finger to apply lip color, eye shadow, blush and also to blend eyeliner on upper eyelids. Ring finger works for under eye concealer and smudging of kohl. Even thumb can be used for lipstick application.

Doing your makeup with fingers gives a ‘lived in’ look and is perfect for you if you like to keep it non-fussy. Makeup Application With Fingers gives sheer coverage. Many makeup artists use their fingers to apply makeup. Cream based makeup works better with fingers compared to powder based products.

Makeup Application With Brushes

You cannot apply liquid and gel eyeliners with your fingers precisely to begin with. Makeup brushes are great tools for precise makeup application. They work to give you a more defined and glamorous look. The task of makeup brushes is to reach the exact place where you want to put your makeup. They help in targeted blending as well. You can reach inner corners of eyes, correct lipstick mistakes and groom your brows with a brush perfectly. Brushes are great for layering makeup and provide good coverage. They work really well with powder based products which can get patchy if applied using fingers. Using clean makeup brushes is very important or they will end up harming your skin.

What is better- Fingers or Brushes?

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Fingers are quick while you need a little more time with brushes. Brushes are great for makeup for special events while daily makeup can be done quickly with fingers.You need to have a little understanding of which makeup brush is to be used for what purpose so as to achieve good results. Beauty sponges are also favorites for makeup application as they help in easy blending and to achieve a flawless look.

There is nothing like the right way to apply makeup. It is totally up to you whether you want to apply makeup with your dainty fingers or brushes. A really good way of makeup application is to use both your fingers and makeup brushes for makeup application. I don’t do my makeup with any of these exclusively. I would really love to hear your views.

What is your preferred way of Makeup Application?

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