Hello all ladies,

I am getting married next month. Wedding will be held in Kolkatta, since my groom’s family is there.

I am in search of a good make up artist in Kolkatta. Please let me know the details of any good artists.

I do not want some one who will load me with fouindations to make me look like a white ghost. Please help.


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    • I second this… I did my wedding making up from him and it was too good.. But he mostly goes with the traditional bengali bride look, so if you are looking for something else, i mean more modern, then make an appointment and speak to him about the look you want on your D-day! He is definitely one of the best!
      Otherwise, you can also try Bridgette Jones, she is excellent as well.

    • yes.. he is good in fact…but it s is always better to talk beforehand and make him what look you want. else he goes with his super traditional look- which is good though, but still!

  1. Aniruddha Chakladar is great! He did my sister’s wedding up! I think u will get ample info on how to contact him on the internet.

    There is another person named Sorav Ali who also does very nice makeup. U may google him 🙂

  2. I had my engagement makeup done from Nabin Das. Would recommend Anirudha chaklader for wedding. I have done a detailed blog post on wedding makeup artists with their contact and other details in my blog, if you can check it out. Also you can go through my engagement photos to get an idea about Nabin Das’s work.

    * Ana ~not promoting blog,trying to help*

  3. How is Kaju guha MUA.? I saw his bridal makeup in the Facebook. M actually luking for a freelancer MUA. All the above mentioned MUA r not freelancer.


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