Makeup at the gym: Do’s and Donts


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In todays health conscious world, I am sure that most of us workout in some way or the other. The most common is going for a walk or a run or a workout at the gym. The inspiration from post came from an aunty who works out in my gym. She was sight to behold yesterday as she had hot pink lipstick , think winged eyeliner and blush... that too while running on the treadmill. So when her workout was finally over, and she wiped her face,, her eyeliner was all over the place and sorry to say this, but she sort of looked like a clown… when her lipstick spread.. like how Saif Ali Khan looked in cocktail when the girls applied red lipstick on him!!

 Kim K is not wearing any makeup at the gym. But i still detect a hint of TM .

make up at gym+gym makeup

In the  gym ,what matters most is hygiene! You may be the hottest one around, but if you are reeking of sweat, trust me you are gonna get funny looks. So without contest, deodorant and a clean napkin is a must. I say clean napkin, because I have seen people use the same napkin to wipe the machines and then use it on their face… ewwwww rite! Now imagine what that would do to the skin!

Also a word of caution for those who shower at the gym: A gym changing room is infested with germs as the bath areas are never kept dry . There is a high chance of contracting Athletes Foot (it is a fungal infection) if you have a shower barefoot in a public place. Always, Always wear rubber slippers while having a shower at the gym!

Gym And Makeup:-


It is mandatory to avoid heavy foundations or creams or face makeup at the gym. When we workout ,our body releases toxins through sweating ,and if you are wearing heavy face makeup. The pores may get clogged due to the makeup and it will result in acne or blackheads or if you are really acne prone like me. Then cystic acne which is a b***h to get rid of!

Also if you wear heavy makeup,there is a chance of it melting if you are into hardcore training making you look like this:

make up at gym+make up for the gym

Now this is something we dont want right? So here are my guidelines for how to wear makeup at the gym and not look out of place or like a wannabe who wears makeup to the gym.. in short how to look hot at the gym !This is an apt look for the gym:

Face Makeup At Gym:-

If you have clear skin skip the base makeup!IF you absolutely need to wear base makeup, dont go beyond a BB cream or stick. If you have dry or normal skin, as you sweat the BB cream will just make you glow more !:-P

Avoid blushes altogether, simply because if you workout as hard as you need to , you will get a natural rosy flush on your cheeks! Cant do without blush ? Cream blushes are your best bet as they wont streak .

Eye makeup At Gym:-

Mascara is your best friend at the gym . Just make sure its waterproof or atleast water resistant. You dont want mascara spreading all over when you splash your face with water or wipe your face!

make up at gym+make up at the gym

Skip the liquid eyeliner completely , a gel liner works better. BUt make sure to draw a thin line .Tightlining works best at the gym though , as its not obvious and just give the illusion of beautiful eyes and not made up eyes!If you must use kohl, make sure you use a smudge proof kohl otherwise you gonna look like a panda by the end of your workout!

Lip Products

Use nude shades or tinted lip balms.A full on brightly coloured lipstick will just make one look funny at the gym.

In my opinion a sheer lipstick or a tinted lip balm or the more recently launched Balm Stains work best. Please choose nude or light shades and not the reds or hot pinks !!


It is best to keep hair out of your face at the gym. A high ponytail and  a hairband looks gym appropriate and is comfy. I have seen people running on the treadmill with open hair , and trust me it is not a pretty sight!!

What is your gym makeup Routine ?

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  1. Very well covered post Shweta. Quiet detailed. I agree completely that make up is either a complete no no or to bare minimum. I personally wear no makeup at all at the gym.

  2. Nice Artical :yes: Workout and make up doesn’t match. I feel sweating at workout (Pony at gym :-(( ) i feel like my skin is breathing 😀 😉

  3. Shweta , can you please do a post on how you took care of your sensitive oily breakout prone skin ? That`d be soooo immensely helpful ^_^ ^_^ :fighterf: :doctor:

    • I`d religiously follow all that you say , you look gorgeous now ! come on ^_^ I think we should be thanking you for the post hehehe not the other way around ^_^

    • :rotfl::rotfl: by the way I go to gold gym and i know that lot of people read our comment section i must tell u ..THEY ARE NOTHING GREAT.


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