Makeup & Beauty Products In Your Runaway Bag!


Makeup & Beauty Products In Your Runaway Bag!

Okay girls! You are about to read a post that you will love rather cherish and keep it on your mind always. Often it happens with us that we are rushing towards office, or may be somewhere urgent where we need to reach may be early in the morning and we do not have time to dab a lip on or even Kohl. We are stranded and we either spend the day in that ‘straight out of the bed look or we look for someone’s help with the shareable aspects like the kohl and the mascara. But what is the solution to it? Don’

t worry there is a very feasible solution that will come in handy to you. It is to keep a runaway bag with you at all times! Yes! Whether you get time at home or not, you should get time somewhere while traveling or may be after reaching your destination, you could sneak out for a quick makeup.

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Now, what all could be placed into the bag should be the next obvious question, to which I would say, the reply is pretty simple. Just refer to the list below and tweak it a bit as per your requirement.

Critical Must Have’s

Comb – We should always carry a comb for the basic combing needs as the hair suffer a lot while we travel and we would not like to appear silly as and when we enter office.

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Mirror – A hand mirror is obvious if you are to do makeup while traveling itself. I am taking an extreme case where I assume you are traveling to direct client sites, on sites etc. and do not have an access to the washrooms immediately.

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Safety Pins– Always keep these handy as we women are often having those wardrobe malfunctions and it is better to be prepared than to feel embarrassed.

Wet Tissues – Keeping them always helps. One can always use them while sweating or when in need of wiping the face before makeup. They are also very helpful otherwise as these help to keep yourself moisturized or in need of removing a mistakenly strewn makeup.

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Must Have’s

Foundations/Primer/Concealer- It is better to keep these with you in your runaway bag at all times

Lip colors – Always keep versatile colors like browns and pinks handy for that perfect appearance in case you do not get time to perk your lips up!

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Moisturizer – It is a critical must have but since I am listing makeup products here, putting it here. It should always be with you so that you can moisturize your skin whenever you are in touch with water.

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer Hand Swatch

Tweezers – Always keep them with you to pluck those hair on your chin or eyebrow or may be upper lip that come unwanted and uninvited.

Kohl – Keep black kohl at least for that eye liner and kohl need of your eyes to help you from looking sleepy.

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Eye Liner- good to have but in case not, keeping a kohl can cover it.

Gloss – Keep a lip gloss also to keep your lips from drying and since they are easy to apply compared to lipstick.

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Always keep your runaway bag ready with these things and you can never go wrong. Hope you found this post useful. We always aim at helping you out in the time of distress.

What are your must haves in your runaway bag?

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