Makeup & Beauty Secrets of Britney Spears


Makeup & Beauty Secrets of Britney Spears

Just visualize, an innocent, sweet girl that turned the radio to full blast imitating dance moves and lyrics to her favorite songs. The little girl was thinking her comb to be her microphone, was playing air-guitar and banging her head hard to the tunes of her favorite pop songs. Yes, that’s Madhubani for you, just 13-15 years younger than the Madhubani you all know.

Writing about Britney Spears, definitely brought memories gushing from the past. And this is what I could visualize as soon as I heard my once favorite pop star’s name.


britney spears beauty secrets


Anyway, before I start blabbering again, let’s jump straight into today’s topic. I’ll be discussing my favorite pop star’s beauty secrets with you all.

Skin and Hair Care:

  • The blond beauty of American Pop doesn’t do much when it comes to skincare or makeup. She sticks to basic skincare regime. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and definitely makeup removing.
  • Exfoliation is important, but she doesn’t overdo anything. She goes for mild exfoliation twice-thrice a week. She prefers exfoliating creams with sea-weed extracts.
  • She loves treating herself to a spa day. Massages are her favorite.
  • Though she has naturally blond wavy hair, yet she loves experimenting with hairstyles and colors.
  • For hair, she says she is a wash-and-go girl. Regular trimming and hair spa is her key to gorgeous hair.
  • Precocious oil and Argan oil are her favorites when she wants a massage. She raves. “During the summer, I like to coat my hair with Precious Oil and head straight to my poolside lounge chair for a bit of pampering”.



makeup secrets britney spears


  • One thing that she can’t do without is her mascara. She has tons of them in her vanity from different brands.
  • She loves accentuating her eyes, and black smoky eyes are her favorite. She says that black kohl smudged eyes with loads to mascara can steal any show.
  • She loves peachy nude lips on a regular basis.
  • In an interview she said, “Sometimes I keep it simple and don’t wear much make-up – just a little mascara and lip gloss. Other times, I’ll play around and do heavier make-up or some fun lipstick.”
  • She is pale, and knows what magic a flush of color on cheeks can create. Thus she never leaves without it.

Some of her favorite makeup, skincare and haircare products:

  • Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, a great skin soother, of which she is a fan of. She goes for it often, especially when she is on tour.
    Read the review of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour cream skin protectant here
  • Make Up For Ever HD Micro Finish powder to control shine.
  • Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in Nude Beach.
  • Fantasy Twist is perfect because it gives her two great fragrances to choose from in one bottle.
    *Note: Britney Spears combines her two Fantasy fragrances to bring us the Fantasy Twist that provides the day and night scents in one bottle.
  • Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo for touch-ups. She keeps the dry shampoo handy because too much styling with hairsprays makes her hair oily. This is her saviour.
  • Pureology’s Precious Oil
  • Makeup Forever Aqua cream
  • Makeup Forever Smoky lash and Smoky Extravagant mascaras

She defined pop music and pop culture of the entire thousands.

Let us know what you feel about her.

Coming up with her fitness secret on my next post…

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