Look What I Found – Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Dupe India +Video


Hey everyone!

I have been looking for a cleaning MAT since I saw the Sigma one..These have gone so popular but I checked few Amazon sellers and they were selling it off of Rs 1500 so I didn’t think of buying it.Few days back I found it here at such an affordable price that I immediately ordered it. Read along my review ahead.

makeup brush cleaning mat beeds

Basically I came across this product while searching for makeup sponge and brush cleanser because till date I have been using brush cleaning egg but this one is way better and easier.

makeup brush cleaning mat head

Price: INR 400 with COD, you can buy it here.

dirty brush before cleaning

About Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

It comes in a simple and clear plastic wrap. The color of the product is Pink I find this so girly and cute. It is made of silicon and its thickness is not very thin or thick and its travel friendly.

It comes in flower kind of shape and has different geometrical shaped beads itself which help in cleaning the makeup brushes. The fatty round and star shaped beads are meant for face makeup brushes or we can say fluffy brushes. Then there is wave and straight lines which are designed for eye makeup brushes and deep cleaning of the brushes.I know its little hard to understand so I and Neha made a quick video for our readers. I hope you will appreciate the effort which we take to bring the best for you.

This mat has a silicon cap at its back which is movable anywhere in your wash basin and when applied with the force it gets stuck at the particular place and ready to use for cleaning. I generally fix it up in basin whole and from their it doesn’t budge at all.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Usage Step By Step

  • Place makeup brush cleaning mat anywhere in basin. It gets fit even in wash basin hole.

dirty makeup brush while cleaning on mat

  • Slightly dampen makeup brushes .You can use 2-3 together as well.

makeup brush cleaning on mat

  • Pour some mild liquid soap on to mat and start moving the makeup brush into circular motion on fatty beads section.

makeup brush cleaning on cleaning mat

  • After this,Start rinsing the brush with the help of tap water in up and down motion.

makeup brush cleaner

  • Pat dry the washed makeup brushes on a clean towel.

makeup brush cleaning mat with washed makeup brushes

Yuhuuuuuu!!!! 😀 damn easy no! Well I enjoyed the whole process to the core. At this price it’s a steal 🙂

makeup tools- makeup brush cleaning mat

I can be a cheap dupe of the very famous Sigma Brush Spa Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat. Sigma first introduced a bigger version of this mat and now they have come up with a smaller version too after everyone brought the hack.I hope Sigma doesn’t read this post as they do send me yummy stuff some time which I absolutely love 😀

Overall I am so happy I bought it and saved my money to an extent. It works great at cleaning brushes, I didn’t noticed any shading or color fading of brushes which was  my biggest concern. It does it job well and it is easy to carry around. Since it has made from silicon so It last really long. If you want to switch your makeup tools cleaning routine in a unique and simple way then grab it for sure ,you wont regret buying this one.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any request




  1. You know what I bought one of the silicone mats that you use to place hot items. I saw that on CZ’s blog. And guess what thats cheap and cleans like crazy. I am super impressed and yappy yappy uuuu 😀

  2. Oh I c..but this one is much better as it has those fat beads which gives instant cleansing…by the way it looks so cute na..I am glad we are having these kind of things in India now 🙂


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