Makeup Detox: Yay or nay?


Hey all,

Last Sunday (26th may ) , I cam across a very interesting article in Times Life which talked about a lady who gave up makeup for year. That got me thinking… can I do that ? Do I want to ? What significance does makeup and dressing up have in our lives?

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I did try to find the link of the supplement on the net , but couldn’t find it. However, when browsing I came across many stories online and this article by the same author: Phoebe Baker Hyde was similar so i thought off adding a link to this one. This is the lady who gave up makeup for a year.

 When I thought about it , I realized I use makeup to complete my look . Makeup makes me look presentable for office , makes my skin look nice (it is in a terrible state right now) and overall gives a polished look. Its not that I plaster my face with makeup, but I like to have some makeup one just to add definition to my features.

There is a school of thought , that says that women use makeup to hide their real self from the world… which in my opinion is untrue… If one wanted to hide themselves from the world.why would someone dress up and wear makeup?Having said that, makeup should not be a tool for one to overcome low self esteem. I know many people who wear makeup even when lounging at home as they are insecure about how their bare face looks. Many people do say that a woman spends too much time doing her makeup and in many societies makeup is considered to be the toy of a not so decent woman. Im sure these must be the thoughts of a man who cannot wear make up and was jealous 😛

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For me, makeup  is an essential part of grooming. Having been in a service industry,makeup and hair was as important as the clothes I wore to work.If you see a shoddily dressed person and a polished person who has a little makeup on them-who would you consult in a work environment? Or imagine a bare faced bride??? Or a glam black dress without a touch of eyeliner and polished ,glam lips. Almost every woman in my life wears some kind of makeup or the other in her everyday life . My mom ,who always has kajal on ,or my Mother in law who never steps out of the house without lipstick . Hell,even my sister in law who delivered a baby on 10th april was dressed up with makeup and earrings et all on 14th april when they decided to click some pics  with their baby gir for memory’s sake before leaving the hospital.

I feel, makeup adds to the fun of dressing up and completes the look. Also,its acts as a great confidence boosting tool for ladies who have less than perfect skin. has the ability to make one look glam or at times,make me look like the girl next door.It reflects my mood and who doesn’t like that ?

So girls,do you think you can ever do a makeup detox?Well,I for sure cannot. The most I go without makeup is on my day off when I am at home and have no plans to go anywhere or at the gym as I have been having problematic skin lately and don’t wanna aggravate the issue.


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  1. I swing both ways – at times I rarely bother with makeup, and at times I am decked up to the nines. Both ways, I look good, so I dont mind.

  2. Hey Shweta!

    Very interesting article..I feel incomplete without makeup if I i am going out somewhere but its not that I wear it 12 hours every day.I do go grocery shopping without makeup but I can’t leave makeup for an year ..Imagine wearing a pretty dress and going bare face…Look will be so incomplete ..

    Lets take it this way..Can you imagine Kareena attending a press conference without makeup ? She will look so blahhh and incomplete.

  3. Actually ana, my story is diff.. When we go to the supermkt.. Its ineveitably followed by a movie ir a lunch or a shopping plan as both hubby and i have crazy schedules.. So I do wear some ligjt makeup to the supermkt as well

  4. Whatever happened to makeup just for the fun of it? I can go with a full face of makeup or absolutely no makeup at all. I have no problem with either. I feel like nobody talks about makeup for the fun aspect of it, or the creative license it gives us!

    • uve hit the nail on the head scarlett! Dressing up is fun and makeup is a part of it..
      Infact I have never understood why ppl judge girls who like to wear makeup… or dress up

      • I understand! And if someone wears makeup it’s because they are “insecure” or “need validation.” It may be true for some women, but there’s a lot more to makeup and articles like these tend to be extreme in their views – and should be taken with a pinch of salt! Read and move on! 🙂

  5. Superbly written Shweta, I also read the TOI article on sunday,
    I totally agree with each n evry point mentioned by u

  6. Ya i believe in makeup detox! i cant wear makeup like everyday! spending days without makeup is more relaxing for my skin!

    • taps on an average.. most of my sundays are spent with no makeup on.. but when I am going out i want kajal at least

  7. My husband wanted me to not apply makeup on our wedding day! He said, you don’t need it, and I don’t get what the big deal is. I told him, I want to look my best on that day, and there will be photographers all around – I will feel more confident if I know I’m looking my best. And if in the photographs that we will cherish for a lifetime, you can see my dark circles, I won’t be happy! But on a daily basis, I rarely ever use makeup. Except for maybe a lip balm. I used to put kajal every day during college years, because I felt i looked bad without it, but now I know, or alteast feel, that I don’t need kajal to look good. I’m more confident now, and makeup is more for parties, where I know the camera picks up on dark circles, and for when I’m going out – it’s a great pick me up!
    Btw, my husband again suggested I go without makeup for our post-wedding shoot, and once again – I refused! Poor guy :p

  8. Go without makeup??? Noooooo!!! ESP not blush!

    I Recall I had a continuous migraine for the first 5 mts of my pregnancy that made everythin so painful but even then I wore makeup while going out or to work for the reason that it was the only thing that brightened up my otherwise painful wud hurt to put liner early in the morn under the bulb wala light but I’d still do it all over the same way…applying makeup just makes me happy even if it’s just blush or a liner n Lippy.. 🙂

  9. Nice review! I think I can go without make up for a year 🙂 I do agree with the points that it makes u feel good and look presentable. I read lots and have had dark circles from the time i was 10 yrs old but I have never applied anything to hide them and they are slowly reducing on their own. Since I have not tried hiding my flaws (use only eyeliner and lipstick as make up, nothing else not even any concealer or foundation) I do not think people will see the difference much if I stop wearing these and I would not look like am missing something.
    I had once asked an ill looking student what is wrong with her and she said shyly, “Nothing ma’am, its just that am not wearing make up today’ and I was shocked at the way the lack of make up made her look!

    That is when I had realized the power of make up!!

    • hahha..Seriously Sahana..All these celebrittes also..They all will look ill if they wont wear makeup.Although i can not say abt Aishwarya because i have heard she looks beautifully without makeup as well.

  10. I need my BB cream and concealer, I look sick if I don’t conceal my dark circles. But I’m trying to get rid of them, if they are completely gone (Impossible), then I may stop wearing makeup on daily basis 🙂

  11. Nice article shweta 🙂 Kajal, lip balm and cream is must for me. Only function time i’l do a makeup becuz my all cousins are found of dressing up so to look in front of them i do makeup :lipstick: 😛 😛

  12. Nice discussion here 🙂
    Yeah I read it Shweta, and did think if I can do it. The one big thing that seemed like a problem was – some of the make up would expire! 🙂
    Anyhow I do have these phases in between when I don’t even want a moisturizer on my skin for months.

  13. I more or less was makeup free when I was pregnant. I lost the interest to apply makeup. So I wud just apply my lippy and nt bother with anything else.

  14. Oh, I am mostly a non-makeup person – when i was working – the only “makeup” I wore was sunscreen/tinted moisturizer and lip gloss on all days. For special events at office, add mascara and eye liner. For weddings and heavy duty parties, only do I go all out with foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows etc…
    Nowadays, sicne I am a sahm, I am on a complete makeup-detox – 99% of the times!
    U know what’s the flip side of being a no-makeup person – the minute you put even a little bit on, people ask what’s so special, why are u “so” decked up 🙁

      • oh yes! just because i don’t out make up 99% times doesn’t mean i hate wearing makeup! i love make up – it’s just that either i am in a hurry or lazy and don’t think the occasion is worth the effort :D. i also need to add am not very good at it, so it takes a lot of effort from my side which I reserve for spl occasions!

  15. I have remained without makeup for 1 year flat 😀 ! But used kohl often with day cream, dats all on my face 😛

  16. hi , i use very little makeup, largely because like yuvika i am lazy. i barely manage to get ready in time for office. also i am not in client facing job, but a geeky researcher. so it doesnt really matter whether i wear makeup or not. makeup is what i do depending on my mood. if i am feeling unwell i def apply blush to look a bit better. and when i have time i would definitely apply compact and blush. so going without makeup for a year is not something i would do. coz i want to be able to choose wen i want to wear makeup and wen not.

  17. Even now , i generally use a day cream which i have started hating , kohl n lipgloss is an new addition to the routine 😛


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