Makeup Fixes To Make You Look Ageless


Makeup Fixes To Make You Look Ageless

Makeup is supposed to be actually hiding the facial imperfections and give a flawless look! Well, it is not that makeup will hide the actual age but they it will certainly transform the signs of aging and it will make your skin look ageless!

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The key to look ageless is simple that is try to look almost natural and not load the face with hell lot of products! When we talk about ageing skin, I only look up to Hema Malini as she is the only one who looks beautiful without too much of makeup or Photoshop effects!

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Well, a lot of us tend to make few makeup mistakes and then wonder where they did go wrong!! Here are some easy makeup fixes which will make the looks ageless!

Applying the right amount of Makeup-

Makes sure you do not end up applying too much of makeup. Use only those makeup products which suit your skin undertone and don’t go overboard with them. Apply a single layer so that it gives the required coverage and almost natural look!

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Watch the Formulation-

Make sure you know your skin type so that you can buy only those makeup products which will suit your skin type and not the opposite. If you have an extra dry skin, you will need hydrating base products and makeup like liquid foundations, cream blushes, cream based eye shadow, gel eyeliners etc.

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If you are not using the right makeup base or concealers with appropriate formulation for your skin then it will not give that ageless look for sure!

Always change Your makeup items with seasons-

Why do you think the makeup products in different formulations were launched every season? Yes it is only because of the seasonal changes which potentially affect the skin and so one needs to switch between their makeup favorites as per the changing climate!


Essential skin prep-

If you are someone who always wonders that makeup makes the age signs a look little more evident with a full face makeup then you are surely attempting the wrong prep routine before applying makeup! You certainly need good products to prepare the skin for makeup application and it should include a face primer along with a good SPF enriched sunscreen!

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A primer is what most women need to make sure the makeup doesn’t settle in fine lines! A concealer is surely a must have to banish the dark eye circles and look ageless!

Night care-

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Your face should be able to breathe and restore the lost moisture at night and for that you need to remove all the makeup and let your face soak in the goodness of any essential oil treatment like rosehip oil or bio-oil. This will also prevent the signs of ageing to emerge faster on your skin!

Hope you like all these essential makeup fix tips to look ageless!

What are your tips to look ageless?

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