Makeup For Dark Skin


By Aruna,
I am dark  complexion girl and pink or silver don’t suit me πŸ™ :(.Can you please recommend some tips for dark complexion girls.Also, can you tell me what is olive skin tone?Please do recommend me lipstick shades which suit dark Indian skin tone girls.

Best best pink lipstick for dark skin

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  1. For dark Indian skin tone complexion choose lipstick which are matte and not frosted.Medium shades look best neither too dull or too light.Don’t go for bright pink or reds .

    choose blush which are peach in color ..:)

  2. Darker skintones look gorgeous in blue, pink, green & mauve eyeliners. Resist the temptation to line them in black / brown.. on your skin tone you need colors that make your features pop. For eyeshadows, Try bronze, gold, mocha, deep shimmery chocolate browns, plums, coppery browns & reds. Stay away from matt browns or frosty, silver shimmered eyeshadows..

    In lipsticks try Plums, Deep Pinks & Berry, Chocolate Browns, Purples..

    In blush, go for neutral shades, just a lil darker than your normal skintone.. try plum brown or just earth frm colorbar πŸ™‚

  3. olive skin tone has a mix of tan and yellow in it, think J’ Lo, Eva Mendes.

    You should use matte lipsticks. I think colorbar and chambor have nice pinks meant for dusky skin. Try them out. I would recommend using a nice terracotta lip colour, lakme has a nice lip pencil in terracotta.

    Use golden shimmer if you must use shimmer at all. Try a navy blue or a bottle green eyeliner. Basically go for deeper shades.

    For your cheeks you can try a deep pink brown shade. Look for deeper shades , so do not use a baby pink but you can certainly try a dusty rose pink i.e a brown toned pink.


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